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  2. What Colour is this?

    Does anyone know what colour this is? I believe there was a factory burgundy metalic but I cant find the paint code or name for it??
  3. Clutch hydraulics help

    Hi Guys & Gals I've come here for some tech assistance, for my MGB with a Datsun Bluebird 5 speed gearbox. I did this conversion sometime ago, and have been chewing through pressure plates. My clutch guru tells me that it is because there is too much movement at the throwout bearing, which is true. The MBG clutch slave is 32mm and the master is 22mm. Which is my question, what is the ID of the clutch slave cylinder? I know the master cylinder is 5/8" (16mm), but don't know what the 5 speed had as a slave. I know and have tried both a 19mm and 22mm, but with the MGB master they both produce too much movement. I'm wanting to correct the relationships so that there is the correct movement, but don't know what the slave ID is , from the factory. Thanks for any info. Herb
  4. who bought the limo?

    Can confirm my dad is the bloke who bought it and got it shipped from Sydney, it lives in Adelaide and he loves it more than me I swear. Still a head turner even now whenever it's driven.
  5. What size so i find out there were different sizes at minumum they had 36's and 40's? and what sorts of jets are a good stating point?
  6. 1971 P510 resto

    SE Queensland here my friend.
  7. 1971 P510 resto

    same here and I'm sick of face book bs..Where are you at?
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