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  2. Well hello out there if anyone still reads or are active........... Am in the long process of restoring my '71 1600.
  3. Entries are now open! Nissan Datsun Nationals Sydney 2017 http://ndn17.com/ndn17-entries-now-open/
  4. Hello...can someone point me in the right direction please. I'm trying to have a front disc brake conversion done on my daughters 1200 ute to make it a little safer for her...the problem I have is I have lost one of the disc brake hubs I had & I am having trouble finding one. Apologies if this is not the correct area/forum to post this request...go easy on me I'm new to this stuff. The distance, centre to centre of the holes to bolt the disc to is approx. 60mm & distance of wheel studs is 80mm. at the moment I can't figure out how to decrease the resolution of the pic of the one I have to include with this inquiry. Thanks in advance
  5. Wish everyone would come back...all the BS on facebook is annoying...searching here is still the best place for info.
  6. The Nissan Datsun Nationals 2017 Sydney website is up. http://NDN17.com
  7. sorry the gearbox is a z20.the motor l18 cheers
  8. hi i need to put a new engine in 1985 nissan urvan camper,. and i found a 1984 datsun 720 with a l18 engine just wondering if it will fit and will my gearbox bolt up to it without modification.Any help would greatly appreciated cheers nahoo7
  9. is this monthly meeting still going?
  10. Hi guys, I've got a fair list of little fabrication, wiring to ignition and lift pump, and general repairs (exhaust, brake lines, intercooler mounting tabs, rust repair to fire wall) to do on my Datsun 1600 sr20de+t. Can anyone recommend a professional or home mechanic that doesn't cost and arm and a leg but does solid work? thanks.
  11. Well no reply so I bit the bullet and bought 250mm Droplinks for my retractable seat belts in the front of my 1600. That length is perfect.
  12. Hi - Looking to fit Klippan retractable Seat Belts K1512 to my Datsun 1600. Going to fit a Droplink but unsure on what length - 250mm or 300mm. Anyone fitted these and know what length Droplink is best? Thanks guys
  13. How many of you are still out there? Its a shame this place has become so quiet!
  14. Where? Shinanigans Bar in Morley(next to Gallaria) When? Get there 7PM-7:30PM. Second Tuesday of every month. Why? Converse with fellow datto nuts, swap parts, show off etc. Nothing formal, just a beer and a chat! Next one is tomorro 10th July. Hope to see you there!
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