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      Still the original, still the best Nissan Datsun resource   11/02/2017

      We set out to establish Datnet in the late '90s to provide the best Nissan-Datsun online resource, we don't plan to ever stray from that. Huge updates site-wide to make your experience the best it can be. Stay around, read, post and enjoy - when your done you can go back to Facebook and 'like' us there too: datnet.org on Facebook


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    Hey while your talking to dwreck ,you could offer to sell him your coupe , He'd change some wheel nuts & put it in a mag and take all the glory !! (ask him if he needs some pink gloves).. He may have run out of the one's i left for him @ NDN09 Anyway Ryan's gay. i agree. I found out thru ben... Ben apparently has a picture of him on his bed side table, (same one that dwreck has in the shrine ) that drives his missus nuts...

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