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    Hi Guys, I need help... Here is my story... In October 2005 I bought my Datsun 1600, I then bought a SR20DET half cut. From then on, I have stripped the car down, had it sandblasted and have had at least 5 panel beaters over the last 4 years interested in cutting the rust for me, but when I phone them for an update, they say "sorry, we have been to busy to do anything to your datsun" At the beginning of this year the brother of my brother in law offered to finish the datsun for me, including cutting the rust and putting it together for me for an amount of money... I paid him some money to start it off, and he has completed the front end, but thats where it has stopped as he has found himself a new job and doesn't have the time to work on it... To tell you the truth, I think he has spent the money I gave him Anyway, I still have some cash, I just want someone to cut the rust for me, and then I can put the datsun back together myself (and my bro in law) as I have all of the parts for it to be finished... So if anyone wants to cut rust for me, or knows of anyone that will do it for some quick cash then let me know, I'm desperate... I don't want to give up on it after I've spent so much money on it... BTW, I can bring the car wherever needed, it is currently stored in Redbank Plains... Thanks, Jodie - (and yes, I'm a girl, so I can't cut rust myself and don't particularly want to learn :P
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    Need help.. Car is in perfect road worthy condition, original motor.. Just has a draw through turbo.. So far it's been failed for a torn seat and 2 diff colored front guards.. Silly I know! Car is a 200b wagon, new tyres, new brakes, all lights work, no rust ect ect.. Anyone know someone that isn't a complete asshole?
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    And the cops there to speak with Anthony about his skidzzzzz?
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    Thought I'd start a thread so people can show how datsun mad they are... I found a few kool datsun coloured things (blue red and white) feel free to post more stuff as you find them! Courtesy of http://www.gyrofish.com.au/wallets/ New Datsun race shoes?? Datsun Valentine/Wedding? mmmm Datsun cupcakes... I'm guessing there would be a lot of American stuff with these colours...
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    The gallery has received a much needed update today, i've even uploaded some shots of some smokin' promo girls to celebrate. Enjoy. http://datnet.org/gallery/
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    Whos participating and going to the movember party at Luna park, also feel free to make a donation just follow the link http://mobro.co/joelmacmo
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    Please post any questions you have about Castrol lubricants, their global brand and motorsport commitments. Thanks, Robert.
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    A mate of mine wanted to practice his rig shooting and editing, so we went to seven hills train station carpark and this is what come of it
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    Each year we are getting more and more datto's turning up to this event. We want to make it a big yearly turn out for the SDC, all datto's welcome. it's a good day out to check out alll the datto's and 100's of other cars also plenty for the family. Sunday 18th Sept (rain or shine) Gates open from 7:45 till 10:30am - depart from 1:45pm Entry via Boatwright Ave Where: Gannons Park, Peakhurst (cnr Isaac St and Forest Rd) SDC will have a number of modified and historic cars on display amongst a large number of other makes and models. Lots for the family to do including stalls, police and fire demonstrations and rides for the kids.
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    HI all, brought this little beauty the other weekend, The bank ( misses ) said no but I said yes, couldn't pass it up, Orginal besides the front seats and the 15 inch wheels, Is rust free country car, Needs drivers side guard touched up with a bit of Paint, Might get a venetion blind, Uploaded with ImageShack.us ck.us/i/datto1000september20100.jpg/]
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    This Sunday 21st August. Check out the link for details. http://www.councilofmotorclubs.org.au/shannon-eastern-creek-classic/secc-2010.html Arrival of participating cars between 8 and 9am. Should we cruise in together?
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    Hi all, Brought this well know race car from Gareth , rego was know as P510, Just a rolling shell but came with all brakes / springs and shocks , Full welded cage and guages / dash and fuel system, Plans are to re build early next year, Put a heavily worked SR20 DET, standard SR 5 speed, R 180 LSD diff with strengthed half shafts, a Hydrolic handbrake, Hope to get Some quick lap times next year, Got a work out pushing it up the driveway and then onto the trailer Uploaded with ImageShack.us Its new home Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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    Well this is my project 1980 Datsun 1200 Ute (Daily Driver) At the moment it's a bit of a mess, because it's my daily driver, work on her is a bit slow progressing.... I do 700km weekly.... this engine is coming up to 50000km.... and the Ute itself is close to 200000km.... It's still pretty tight! It has not let me down yet! Make: Datsun Model: 1200 Utility Year: 1980 Engine: A15, running a stronger cam, and jetted for octane mix Brakes: 180B disk front and drums rear Trans: 5 speed sunny Diff: H165 Interior: Shit fight.... massive WIP! I have about 12 months until I have my full licence, so I'm looking into a Turbo with a low boost setup.... other than that it's the interior that need a overhaul! Also getting a hard lid for the tray made up. I'll let the pics speak for themselves.... http://a7.sphotos.ak...445098517_n.jpg http://a3.sphotos.ak...808977649_n.jpg http://a4.sphotos.ak...852376991_n.jpg http://a6.sphotos.ak...116647753_n.jpg http://a2.sphotos.ak...847546362_n.jpg http://a3.sphotos.ak...747632006_n.jpg http://a7.sphotos.ak...453451502_n.jpg Open to suggestions.... the driving lights are only temporary....
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    im interested in a few bits do you have the dash part the radio goes in and maybe some other parts like steering wheel PM me what you want for them and if you are willing to post. cheers Ben
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    took some advice and put a n13 radiator into my fj 1600, the radiator fits nice and was installed by swr, but im struggling to find a thermo fan that will fit. Hoping someone can make a suggestion as im lead to beleive the n13 is a common upgrade, cheers guys any advice is appreciated and if any one is selling a suitable thermo please contact me cheers guys
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    the last post says it all lets go back and see if there's time on other day's at cabra and get back there i mean after all the prospect was only three months anyway it seam's like some have decided them selfves and not put it to a vote. going on about b s banter about cars been followed at cabra who's to say it wont happen at prospect it has bit of reputation to.
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    Awsome day fellas, Cheers for the guys that organised the BBQ and drinks, went down a treat, cheers, Top spot down there, Left early, had to go to father n laws Birthday, was only an hour late, so all was good, can't wait for the nest Sydney Datsun club event, cheers Shawn,
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    hey guys i am new to the forum, i have previously owned a 1969 1000 ute but have just picked up an 1980 1200 ute. The tray pan has had rust cut out of it but it has also been picked off the spot welds and the prevous owner was looking to put checkerplate in. I am just wondering if there is an aftermarket supplier who makes these floor pans as standard, not chekerplate. cheers guys
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    Just got special entry to the Street criuse on Thursday with 200 other cars through Canberra with police escort, Its called the 3m criuse, ( they haven't had a criuse through Canberra since about 1992 ) its starts at midday, Can't wait,
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    Went back out to the drags on 5/10 day. Nice night, got 6 runs in. 18.3@75 11.9@122 11.3@123 11.5@121 12.0@120 13.5@82 Also did some work on the roll cage mount at the rear. I ran a strip of 50x3 across the top of the rear shelf, and the same below it with 20x20 RSS attached then welded it all in with a few braces to the shock mounts. I also included anchor points for a harness. I also masacred the front guards and welded on some flares.
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    I stole this from jdmst After skipping the lovely Sydney winter months, soggy grass, date clashes and struggling to find available dates, it seems the planets have all aligned, and ALL JAPAN DAY SYDNEY IS ALL SYSTEMS GO ONCE AGAIN! When: Sunday November 13, 10:00am-3:00pm Where: Silverwater Park, Silverwater (just near the bridge) How did it all start? All Japan Day was born in Adelaide in 2008 as a result of a crisis developing in the import motor enthusiast community. Local car shows involving Japanese imports were losing focus of what the enthusiasts wanted at a car show - a opportunity to admire and talk about the sensational vehicles on display with out being distracted by gimmicks or high entry prices. The AJD committee comprises a core group of five car nuts, and events are run on a not-for-profit basis, with all money raised (once expenses are taken out) going to charity. For Sydney, it’s just $15 to enter your car, and spectators are allowed free entry (although we will ask for a gold coin donation at some point during the day for the charity we choose). Which cars are eligible to enter? It should first be noted that the AJD committee votes on every car that enters – your application is reviewed and then either accepted or rejected. Don’t let this discourage you from entering! Just make sure you have good pics of your car ready so we can see if we can work with it. We’re looking for: Pre-1985 classics – AJD Adelaide has quickly established a reputation for being the premier show for classic Japanese cars, and we’re really pushing to see what Sydney has to offer. Even if it’s a barn find, partly restored or in poor condition, we love our classics and would love to have you come along. Clean original cars – when was the last time you saw a mint original S13 Silvia? Exactly! Last year we had a clean original Datsun 200B with period accessories that looked fantastic. Modified cars – anything from mild mods right through to Time Attack-spec track cars. Grey imports or even Japanese cars sold here new by the manufacturer. Aussie-built Japanese cars such as R31 Skylines are decided on a case-by-case basis. Weird and wonderful – if you have something Japanese and quirky that makes the committee laugh and think you’re insane, then throw it in! Last year we had someone bring along a nice Toyota Coaster bus, it was hilarious! What we’re NOT looking for: Sex-spec cars – AJD is for cars that are more likely to feature in Zoom than Hot 4s. If your stereo has a higher output than your engine, then you’re probably in trouble. Lambo doors are out, dinner platter wheels are out, neons and white leather trim are borderline too, depending on the application. We have a ‘thing’ for cars that have a WOW factor for their engineering, not for how they look. Our theory is that we want to cater for the kinds of cars that other shows like Auto Salon wouldn’t normally accept. Advertising - no banners will be allowed, aside from the AJD one that stands out the front of the show. Flyers will be allowed under windscreens (with prior permission from the AJD committee), and cars may have stickers advertising businesses or products, but no other forms of advertising are permitted. Contact us about it if you're not sure whether you meet our rules or not. Chains or fencing (or anything else that prevents spectators from getting close to your vehicle) - if you want to keep your bonnet closed that's fine, but if you're that precious about your paintwork, you will need to decide if displaying your vehicle is worth the risk. If the owner of a $750K Toyota 2000GT can display his car without roping it off, then you can too! Segregation - no club displays will be allowed, and while we will be reasonable about keeping people together if they all arrive together, don’t get the sooks on if you end up getting parked away from your mates - the aim of the day is to meet new people and respect what they've done with their cars, not hide away in a corner with your mates. How to enter: Everything is done online via our website http://www.alljapanday.com.au Make sure you have your credit card or PayPal details on hand, and a DECENT photo of your car on file before you begin applying. You will receive an email to confirm your application has been received if you’ve done it correctly. Later on you will get an acceptance email if your car has made the grade. Entries are now open, so get cracking! IF YOU ENTERED BACK IN MAY THEN YOUR ENTRY IS ALREADY ACCEPTED AND WE WILL SEND OUT YOUR ENTRANT PACK AGAIN. IF YOU CAN'T MAKE IT TO THIS EVENT, THEN LET US KNOW AND WE CAN REFUND YOUR ENTRANT FEE.
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    +1 for the ae86 forums. The good thing is the offsets that fit our cars really well are considered too 'weak' for them, so you can grab a bargain every now and then when they upgrade to super-wide stuff.
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    Hi Jodie, Gee thats bad luck, should get your brother an law to tell his brother to give you back the cash you gave him or tell him to start fixing it, I'm in Sydney, so can't help , sorry, surely some one up that way can help you with some rust cutting out, Don't give up, get it on the road , you won't regret it, cheers Shawn,

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