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    Well hello out there if anyone still reads or are active........... Am in the long process of restoring my '71 1600.
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    Its been a few months. I went on holiday for 2 months so missed 2 rounds. Upon return and no sale of the car and rego ran out I needed to logbook it before the last round/nationals. So I had 3 weekends to make and install a cage and do all the other bits for logbooking. I managed to get it all done and the logbook arrived the Monday before. Ally cage weighed maybe 10kgs and the steel cage weighs 50kgs. I decided to buy some new tyres as I was sick of heatcycling killing any chance I had of running a quick time after the first session. I ended up buying 245/45/16 Hankook Z214s in medium. They are 20mm thinner and 15mm higher so both contribute to slower times. Im hoping they go close to the old times. I did Targa High Country again in the Porsche. We had an issue on day 1 and missed 4 stages. At the nationals the car was epic understeer from the new setup and I did 1.06.3 in the first session on Saturday so was super excited about what was to come. It then rained so no more edecent times on Sat. Somehow I didn't manage to beat that time on SUnday with quickest again 1.06.3. I was convinced it would do a 5 easily. Anyway I ended up 3rd in class by 0.1secs and 0.4secs back to 4th so was pretty close. So I finished the season in 2nd and 3rd at the Nationals which is pretty sweet.
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    Unless you have swapped the rotors around, they will not clear the dust efficiently. direction of slots. Apart from that its just a few minor things. Brakes will work no matter where the calipers are mounted. My minor points, and they are minor: Front mounted calipers are in the low pressure air zone & are shrouded by the rim, cooling issue. Calipers mounted to the rear do not get tangled up in sway bars & links. Calipers to the rear are behind the centre of the wheels so balance is improved. They look better ?????

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