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  2. Ill say 205 front and 225 rear with the correct offsets and rim widths this should fit well. Look at NIS016 for ideas as he has one of the quickest 'street-ish' 1600's ive seen lately... http://datnet.org/topic/881-nis016-1969-datsun-1600/
  3. Hi mark. No need for help now. I picked up a car (a vx calais, but dont tell anyone on here ) on November 9th and drove it back to Adelaide. I appreciate its a big call for most people to look at a car for someone else so i didnt expect to get any responses but it was worth a shot at the time. Thats the second time ive bought a car from Sydney now. There seems to be a bigger variety on offer over there and is worth the plane flight and fuel etc. First car i bought quite a while back now was a 1600 wagon. That was a memorable drive home. It was nice to fly over and do the road trip back but I noticed there was alot more animals and road kill this time round so i hid behind trucks when it got dark for fear of denting the new purchase. I saw rabbits, foxes, a family of goats, a massive sheep and lots of dead kangaroos etc. I cant imagine doing the return trip in a 1600 thesedays like you guys did when i met you at Victor Harbour here in SA earlier in the year. I must be getting old(er)? Or maybe i just need cruise control, air con and gps in my 1600??? Theres a thought...
  4. Hi, it looks like my daily driver (R31 Skyline) is getting written off soon by the insurance company after meeting at speed with a tree branch. Im looking at buying another R31 approx 40km west of Sydney cbd and driving it back home to Adelaide. I was wondering if anyone could possibly help by checking the car out in person and give me an honest description of it. Maybe send me a few hi-res pictures. Its at a car yard so it should be easy to view during business hours. Its a big call for me to take a day off work, get a plane flight and then catch a taxi to only find out its had major repairs at some point etc. If I do fly over it will be next friday (NOV-9) to pick it up. I dont need a super detailed report with how much wear is left on the rotors etc, just to check that its what they advertise it as and that it has no hidden issues or repairs. Pm me for more details if you live close by there and could possibly help. Thanks, Nick.
  5. EJ20T Powered 1600 (now with pics)

    Running too rich on startup? What sort of injectors are you using?
  6. Buying A Haltech

  7. 71 1600

    Just wondering would you still recommend wcr cv's? I'm considering a pair while the dollars still favourable...
  8. Fj20 Coolant?

    Genuine Nissan coolant...
  9. Orginal Paint Colours 1600 Sss

    pull up the rear seat or carpet and see if the original paint colour is under there. Another good spot is up under the dash as this doesnt get resprayed often. Get some pics up too! GL
  10. Sorry to hear but i dont see how this is 'automotive' related?...
  11. Anyone Mates With Aaron Fitzpatirck?

    It was stupid of you to let them start working on your car without a written quote first. You will have no leg to stand on. I have seen this recently with a diesel truck motor rebuild which went like this: Rough quote over phone of ~$3500k given to strip and replace pistons and rings etc with new seals throughout. They started work on motor as truck was taken to their workshop for the firm quote and was needed back on road asap. Quote never eventuated. Promises, promises. Work was done by an unsupervised apprentice while boss was away. Motor was thrown back together with used gaskets and coolant (even when new stuff was supplied). Motor now leaks badly and uses 1.5litres of oil every 1000km amongst other problems. Rebuilder denies being at fault, shrugs shoulders then says 'fine, ill see you in court". Hands over to lawyers at god knows how much an hour. His lawyer now milks it, negotiating with the mechanics lawyer (lining both of their own pockets). Truck owner ultimately had no written quote and therefore has no leg to stand on as its his word against his sort of thing and the mechanic can easily stretch out a labour bill with some exagerating. Prior to going to court. Truck owner was advised to pay outstanding rebuild bill, which he does ( now $6000!) plus lawyers fee ($$$$?). Add it up. You will learn your lesson too by the sounds of it... ALWAYS GET A WRITTEN QUOTE!
  12. 5 Stud Conversion

    There are a few ways to tackle the rear. It does depend on what swingarm and brakes you use. Heres a quick tally i have of my 5stud upgrade (not including wheels!): FRONT - r32 rotors $400 (machined), z31 hubs and bearings $200, r32 4spot calipers $100, Brake lines $10, Caliper adaptors $150, R31 struts $50, Sunny springs $10, Commodore Strut tops $80, monroe gas strut inserts $120. FRONT TOTAL = $1120? REAR - modified 1600 crossmember $100, hr31 swingarms $250, swing arm bushes $100, r32 rotors $120, r32 2spot calipers $100, subaru struts $50, reco R200 4.6 lsd $900, hr31 cv axles shortened $400, z31 stub axles $100, misc bolts and bushes and brake lines $140. REAR TOTAL = $2140? TOTAL suspension and brake upgrade costs: >$3260!!! This is by no means the cheapest way to do it tho. But you can expect this sort of price as a worst case scenario if starting from scratch (and if you do it all yourself)....
  13. L20b Carby Fouling 1600 Bonnet?

    I used the std bluebird air filter with no probs in my old wagon. Very stock and neat fit. Make sure you use the right engine mounts i guess...
  14. DATSUNS/were are they now

    The maroon FJ 1600 featured in Zoom years ago from South Australia with BBS wheels and a yellow painted rocker cover and plenum. There wouldn't be too many of those around never saw this car again after the photo shoot Pretty sure this is the same car... (taken 2003)
  15. Water thru heater/air vent

    put your heater back in or block the opening with something like plastic etc...