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  1. Sdc Club Car Mk2.

    (^__^) \m/
  2. Kells '71 1600 Wagon

    Top job.... Looks Great...!!!
  3. Love the motivation the prospect of being back on the road again brings....

  4. itching....... !!!!!

    1. fveten


      for some dato ???.....

    2. fly by
  5. S13 Irs Into 510/1600 Wagon?

  6. S15 6Spd Gearbox Into 1600

    I followed the advice of sutho510 and did a search on ozdat. seems that Baz from Datsport has a solution for this.... Go check it out.
  7. S15 6Spd Gearbox Into 1600

    '(~__^) will do - just gotta try and remember my login and password.....
  8. S15 6Spd Gearbox Into 1600

    I havn't got there yet... A new addition to the family put the dato on the backburner for a while.... but this is to change very soon.... (^__^) I was considering putting a 5 speed in to make it easier. and they are stronger.... ?????? From what I have been told you can run an electric sensor off one of the front wheels or the tail shaft.... I did hear once of a guy in NZ puting the sender into a 6 speed. but what he used and how he did it I could never find out. Any ideas or suggestions are very welcome at this stage though.
  9. S15 6Spd Gearbox Into 1600

    don't forget to look into how you intend on hooking up the speedo....
  10. 510 Wagon Cruiser

    yeah it sure is....... when I get a chance to get on here that is... the little one is 3 months now so hopefully I can take a little time ack and use it for the dato.... I just may call you in for a hand..... I do know your a busy man though...... thanx for the offer mark.....
  11. Sx-510 - The Wagon

    very true words spoken there mark......
  12. 510 Wagon Cruiser

    very very nice........!!!!!! bet it was a great cruze home..... (beside the alternator hicup) I enjoyed bringing mine back from melbourne when I bought it.
  13. 1600 Crash

    Condolences to all affected
  14. Sdc- 510 Club Car -

    great work.... give us a bell if you need a hand
  15. Event Classic Jdm Cruise 2008 Announced

    thanx guy's....... tidy indeed..... a huge inspiration