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  1. Thanks Jeff, interesting to see another one as people have only mentioned the WA green one, and also to see the differences in all three models as this one says it was based on a 1971 Sedan (not the 1600 wagon), thanks for the link, Cheers Kerrie
  2. Thanks yeahlow34 for the appreciation...and yes the model they should have made as WAG510 and ourselves say! Well took me quite a while of searching on the net but finally found photos of the other 1600 ute, only two in Australia that anyone knows of which is ours and the green one lurking in WA so here's pics of the green one in WA, both quite different in the construction...ie: tailgate, rear bumper, rear window (ours being the original rear window from the 1600/510 wagon), fuel tank and windows chromes to name a few This pic from DatNats09 thanks to Mark Peacock This pic from DatNats09 thanks to godzilladat (on ozdat)
  3. More Ndn09 Photos

    Great pics turbovan! nice to see a different mixture with the car cleaning, aerial shots and GODATO burnouts! And thanks to Tracy at Datsport who gave Adam the Granny Spec sticker for my car when he was in Adelaide a little while back, everyone likes it and suits my car well Cheers Kerrie