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  1. O and the front suspension will be r 31 struts with s12 hubs with r33 calipers, will not have coilovers due to cant engineer in qld. The rear will be adjustable rear x member, and r31 250mm disks
  2. Hey people was just wondering what the widest tyre I can fit under a 1600. Was looking to put 16s under the guards. Was wondering if the only thing I can do to increase wheel width is pump, flare and roll guards or is there something else I can do? Obviously I can tub it but 4 linking is a bit far for what I want. I will be running an sr20 with around 500HP and want as much rubber as I can. Thanks for the help people. I'm on the gold coast even if there was someone that they I could ask and sort stuff out would be a great help. Thanks