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  1. Lugarno Spring Fair 18/9/11

    I'll be there, haven't had the 260 out for a while, hope it still starts.
  2. Leave her at home...both problems solved!
  3. Tug In The Park

    looks like ill be tugging by myself
  4. Tug In The Park

    Anyone comin to Tug in the Park this sunday? Were leaving Heathcote BP around 6:30 so meet us there if your coming.
  5. Fly By's Datsun 1600 Fj20Et

    Mate, You have hit the nail on the head, Its filthy!!! wana come wash it in a mankini for me ha ha . Ive got no intention of driving it much before the nationals either :-). All im going to do is change all the fluids fit the new eboost and get it tuned. Oh and chuck the new wheels on it :-). Should look good when you fit the TRX rims.
  6. Help With Interior Ideas..

    Its your car and your the trimmer so why are you asking other people what you should do to it? If it was mine though i would be keeping it in theme with the rest of the car and not going too wild, but then again you do work at Queen Street so its compulsory to go tan leather with double stitched diamonds and gucci inserts. May aswell paint the car 2 tone pink and purple while your at it too.
  7. Huntley Hill Climb September 26

    i plan on being hungover that day
  8. Im in with the 260. Someone can take my 720 aswell if they like
  9. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    sure it wasnt an intercooler you saw?
  10. Lookin For Stanza Sr20T

    abit more info would be super aswell.
  11. Datsun Silvia S110

    Looks like a Celica had a 1 night stand with a Torana and this is their love child. Looks to be in excellent condition too.
  12. Sdc Cruise 8/8/10

    Ill be there to blow the cobwebs outta the 260c, hopefully the corners up mac pass arent tooo sharp
  13. Show Us Yer Bike!

    I know theres a few datnetters out there with motorbikes so thought id see what everyones got. I got my bike license last week and bought myself a CBR250 to ride on weekends, also got a YZ250 that i keep down at my dads farm. Already looking at getting a GSX-R1000 once i get off my p's. Anyway heres a pic of the CBR, ill post one of the YZ if i can find one
  14. Wsid

    hey kids, whos heading out tonight? Mark SSS078 is racing and im going out to watch Hope to see a few dattos out
  15. Sdc Night Cruise, Sat 29/5/10

    haha good shot Shawn, that must have been after i slipped on the white line and landed flat on my face.