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  1. hey guys ive got a few questions, wondering if anyone can help with em. 1) air horns. are they legal? 2) electric speedometers. ive got a stewart warner performance electric speedo, just wonderin with the cable from the gearbox does it plug into the back of the speedo or is there some kind of sender like with other gauges 3) and lastly the microtech hand controller vs microtech dash unit. ive been tossing up which of these to buy. does anyone know if the dash unit does the same stuff as the hand controller? the hand controller is like a mini computer to change ecu settings on the fly?
  2. Monday Night Meets

    hey all. thanks i will be keeping all of the originals stored away on my backup hard drive so if anyone ever wants any of the full resolution pictures, they look absolutely awesome at full res (4288xx848) and about 5-7 megs each. due to being so large pictures that size cant really be put up on forums. so shoot me a message if you want any of these current pictures or any in the future for your own collection. cheers
  3. hey guys im just wondering if its possible to separate door skins from doors? im wanting to give the inside of the door a clean up and a fresh coat of paint and fix up the bits of rust in the doors. the same question for bonnet and tail gate. my tailgate has a bunch of rust in spots which is extremely difficult to reach inside the actual tailgate. and then the same goes for the bonnet, there are little spots of rust in between the 2 layers of steel for the bonnet. if anyone knows a way that wont destroy the doors/bonnet/tailgate or if its a professional thing that needs to be done then that would be tops to know. cheers.
  4. Monday Night Meets

    hey guys i would like to come along i just dont have a ride that is really suitable to get me around at the moment. if anyone is arounds the southside of town (im in salisbury) and wouldnt have any problems giving me a lift then i will definitely come along..
  5. Brads 120y Wagon

    ahh im gonna go with a ca18 turbo engine heaps of things.. too much to list hehe ive started on the interior, stripped the whole interior back to bare metal, starting to come along alright.. once the whole interior everything is back to back metal im going paint the whole lot in a few coats of por15 and then spray a bunch of dynax s-50 into all the cavities and what not... should be good once im finished that first step. ive also started on the custom dash, stripped all the old stuff out. got all new stewart warner competition/performance gauges, black background, silver bezel. speedo, tacho, oil psi, boost, air/fuel ratio, fuel psi and voltmeter gauges are all sitting here ready to go. gonna do a full custom fibreglass dash with all the gauges, got a bunch of really cool chrome warning lights too, hand brake, high beam and both left/right indicators...
  6. Brads 120y Wagon

    Hey guys I'm new here. I've come from working on old school valiants and mopars with engines sizes no smaller than 6litres and all the way up to 9litres! due to the way petrol is going i ended up deciding i was better off going with a little turbo datto. Mum originally bought the car in 1985 so its been in the family for quite a number of years. It was my first car to drive as a learner nearly 10 years back too. A few dents and scratches here and there from those years of learning lols.. Ive got heaps of plans for it but at the moment all ive started doing it stripping the entire interior back to bare metal and getting all the trimming done in the background.
  7. hey guys only just new to the site and gonna start by saying gday! I recently inherited mums old original 120y wagon so ive started going about restoring it. First thing is first and thats paint and panel. I was gonna ask and see if anyone has done any yellow ones? I went driving around for ages today to try and find a few yellow cars and i only found about 7 or so in total! all pretty much the same kind of yellow. So my question is if anyone has any good pictures and colour codes of nice looking yellows and if they could post em up for me to check em out! cheers!