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  1. why not have a go yourself? ive started on my datto rims ozdat.com • View topic - alloy polisher i also did a set for my old wrx, picked them up on ebay dirt cheap but they had soooo much gutter rash but some elbow grease and some time i find doing 1 wheel a night or 1 a weekend etc really makes it easier its downting finishing prep on one and knowing theres 3 still waiting as you can see its time consuming and if your paying some one it adds up quick, just like my sigma turbos $320 to polish them thats a weeks wage to me food for thought
  2. jasol

    Is This A 180B Booster?

    your a champ dave, thanks
  3. jasol

    Is This A 180B Booster?

    oh soo true i dont know how people did cars up, the forums/ebay etc have saved me so much $$$ and headaches over the years
  4. jasol

    Osr20t - 1971 Datsun 1600 With Sr20det

    i agree with you on the 1st caps, the reason i asked as im in the same boat i have sigma turbo rims and they has a similar cap to the 1st one, i dont really like it but as you said the bearing cap is in the way on the fronts, those second ones will look better but yea the red wont match,
  5. jasol

    Is This A 180B Booster?

    cheers dave
  6. jasol

    Help Identifying Diff

    if its got the big K on it its more than likley a 240k or similar, i dont think the suby r180s had the k but i maybe wrong
  7. jasol

    Is This A 180B Booster?

    cheers mate, this is a confusing one as ive had another guy who pulled his booster off a stock sss 180b in person and said it has the same vac fitting as mine, and thought the differant vac locations may be to do with the sss having twin su carbs besides that vac fitting can you see any other differances psi510? cheers
  8. jasol

    Is This A 180B Booster?

    cheers SX i had a look on datsports site and in there booster kit it says "polished 7/8 adapter" so i assume is a special spacer used, were do you get the longer push rods from?
  9. jasol

    Is This A 180B Booster?

    hey guys, mine is straight, not bent like the maddat 180b one, so maybe it is a 120y? are they just as good? i plan to use a 7/8 240k MC will it bolt to the 120y booster? cheers for the help, maybe someone with a 120y can confirm if its a 120y booster
  10. jasol

    Is This A 180B Booster?

    hey all i was wondering if anyone can help identify my booster, i was under the impresion my booster was a 180b but after looking on the maddat site mine has a differant vacum location. is it still a 180b or is it from another model?
  11. jasol

    Osr20t - 1971 Datsun 1600 With Sr20det

    hey pete, do you plan to use any type of centre caps?
  12. jasol

    Oi_Son - 1971 Datsun 1600 P510 Project

    mate im soo envious for all those new parts, i know most of that gear is not "off the shelf" stuff but do you have any contacts that may sell some of the above? cheers oh btw i have a jet 11z poster on my wall, nice car
  13. jasol

    Osr20t - 1971 Datsun 1600 With Sr20det

    the wheel colour you chose was alot nicer, i have to agree the other looks like primer
  14. hay all, just wondering if 180b struts will fit a b310? if so whats involved in fitting them? any benifits etc in hight+-, have came across a nice upgrade on 180b struts much appreciated
  15. jasol

    Sunny Info Needed

    hi all, my mate just brought a 1980 sunny, he wants to put a ca18/sr20 in it, so I said id get some info for him, I know nothing about sunnys, never worked on one. so any info I can get on doing one up would be tops few things id like to know what front brakes/struts are a common upgrade? rear brakes? diff? when fitting an sr can you use the sr box? anything else cheers guys