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  1. Dat Sport Brakes

    Thanks baz. I knew there was a reason just wasn't sure. For now I'll leave them, and I'll swap the struts over at a later date. By the way those rear seat belts worked a charm.
  2. Dat Sport Brakes

    Yeah I know it can be swapped over but don't want to have to. I was just curious as to y they should b at the rear. With them at the front they same to brake fine.
  3. Dat Sport Brakes

    Hey guys just curious about the dat sport front brakes. I have them setup so the caliper is to the front which seems to be different to everyone's. Which way is right and whats the reasoning behind it? Cheers
  4. 1969 Datsun 1600 510

    Hey guys just curious about the dat sport front brakes. I have them setup so the caliper is to the front which seems to be different to everyone's. Which way is right and whats the reasoning behind it.? also my cars finally on the road just needs a tune.
  5. 1969 Datsun 1600 510

    Hey guys, been searchin round for speedo info and I think I need a ca20 speedo cable. Does anyone have one I could buy? While I'm on here, I got some wheels n tires , 15x6 r31 skyline alloys. Came up good. Cheers
  6. Rims?

    Hey I know this isn't the right section but I need people to see it. I need some 15 inch rims to suit my 1600 to get it rolling. It has datsport struts n brakes on front end so it needs to fit that. If anyone has some steelies or wat ever please reply. Cheers
  7. Threads

    How do I delete a thread or edit posts.
  8. 1969 Datsun 1600 510

    hey guys getting towards the pointy end of wiring my car. last saturday i wired the factory coils through the factory ignition module which is switched by the haltech. just wondering whose running the factory setup and how well it worked out. i was told it would be ok and i did it because i had the gear and its a tidy way of doing it. so any feedback??? cheers
  9. 1969 Datsun 1600 510

    thanks mate means alot from you. still nothing compared to ur car tho. btw if u do decide to ditch the SR and wanna sell bits let me know. just got another pic to throw up, still wiring the car. takin my time after work doin bits n pieces. this is the sprint 500 loom. cheers
  10. Engineering And Legalities

    pretty extensive mods, motor, box, brakes suspension . basically everything but the shell
  11. hey guys. just wanyed to get a thread going with some factual info on the engineering and legalities in sydney of doing a datto 1600 with a turbo SR20. i heard recently the laws were changed and if so im now screwed as my car is not finished. also does anyone know any engineers in the sydney area who will do it. cheers
  12. 1969 Datsun 1600 510

    thanks mate. been working on it regularly lately which i havent for about a year. yeah at first the manifold hit the resevoir for the brakes but luckily the 180sx halfcut had a resevoir on the master cylinder which is offset. u can see it it in earlier photos. bought some hid kits for the car. decided to change both inserts to H1 globes to tidy the wiring. i have mounted the balasts and iginitors under the guard to keep the engine bay tidy. heres a photo, but they are only mounted the wiring isnt done so it looks messy. Uploaded with ImageShack.us cheers
  13. 1969 Datsun 1600 510

    hey , its been a while so i thought id chuck on an update. haven done much in ages so i bought the computer a lil while back and i have just started wiring the car. here are some pics of the current progress. note the wiring isnt finished in the photo so its not neat yet( but it will be ). im wiring the car pretty much from scratch so itll take a while but ill try n post up more pics computer realys and fuses, no more fuses in the bay. fuel relay in boot, the rest are under the dash cheers
  14. Exact Offset Fitment...510

    finally some closure. after a discussion with the guru Baz from datsport i know what im aiming for. 15x6.5 +29 on the front and 15x7.5 +22 on the rear. thanks for all the help guys
  15. Exact Offset Fitment...510

    dave you are brilliant. i cant tell you how much i appreciate the input and effort. will the 15x7 +35 fit if i have a very low stance, quard wise. if not will reducing the rim width allow a lower height with the same offset or will a more positive offset be needed to clear the guard. id rather more dish than a wider rim within reason. also 15x7s on the rear, what offset will give me a deepest dish possible. i knowe im an absolute pain in the arse, but i want as much dish and guard fill as possible while retaining function. im after a JDM styling...sorry for the hassles, but i appreciate the help. especially as i am buying rims from japan and need to get it right.