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  1. I'm putting a new motor in my 180b SSS, the car the new motor comes from has a digital dash with electric speedo, electric tacho ect. I already have a SSS round gauge dash in my 180b and my question is has anyone made their original gauges work by taking the needle/ gauge motor out of an after market gauge and put the guts in the face of the datsun gauge? I understand it won't be accurate but it would be cool if the needles moved.
  2. there is a guy on ozdat parting out a complete car in taree too if your after parts
  3. I had a 120y for my first car. The standard ride height and it being so light you would be surprised how much 4wding you can do in it
  4. I'm thinking about putting hr31 struts into my 180b purely for the fact that you can bolt bigger brakes straight on. My question relates to how much offset I will loose. My mate has them in his 1600 and he is very limited to what offset he can run. I know that when it comes to offset 1600's and 180b's are very different that's why I'm asking the question. This topic has been covered many times before but not for 180b's. I have 15x8 with 0 offset
  5. RB25DET 260C

    Chuck some pics up of the new paint job Scott
  6. Well i was thinking about buying another Datsun and i wanted to know more about it. So is it that you can only drive it on a club day ect or do the conditions change from club to club? Is there max amount of kms you can drive it every year? For example, could you put a daily on historic rego?
  7. Is there a difference between club rego and historic rego? Sorry if this seems to be a dumb question or if i missed it above
  8. RB25DET 260C

    Has it started?
  9. Who is Zoom's new Pin Up Boy??

    Are they making a poster? That would be cool
  10. Who is Zoom's new Pin Up Boy??

    Is the mag out yet? Or next month?
  11. My 120Y's

    Go the 120Y!!! How much did you pick this up for Ben? I sold mine for $1500 with 3 months rego. Its looks like GO-18-0B (but better cos its a 120Y) with the vynal roof haha. I still have some bits and peices from mine if you ever need any.
  12. RB25DET 260C

    How much lower does the car get with the bags fully deflated? Or is that as low as it goes?
  13. Wheel Offset

    I ended up finding a definition GTR510 I have a 1970 Toyota Crown. I found some rims that i can get in 15" x 8" and 15" x 10". I was just trying to see what offset i would need. I got told i need an offset between a minimum of 0 and +10.
  14. Wheel Offset

    I have a dumb question...... Can some please explain how the offset of a rim can change it? What is the difference between a rim with negative offset and positive offset? Any help at all would be very appreciated because i'm looking for rims to suit my car and i don't want to use spacers if i don't have to. Simon
  15. Did you sell this to Dave Meekings?