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  1. I'm putting a new motor in my 180b SSS, the car the new motor comes from has a digital dash with electric speedo, electric tacho ect. I already have a SSS round gauge dash in my 180b and my question is has anyone made their original gauges work by taking the needle/ gauge motor out of an after market gauge and put the guts in the face of the datsun gauge? I understand it won't be accurate but it would be cool if the needles moved.
  2. there is a guy on ozdat parting out a complete car in taree too if your after parts
  3. I had a 120y for my first car. The standard ride height and it being so light you would be surprised how much 4wding you can do in it
  4. I'm thinking about putting hr31 struts into my 180b purely for the fact that you can bolt bigger brakes straight on. My question relates to how much offset I will loose. My mate has them in his 1600 and he is very limited to what offset he can run. I know that when it comes to offset 1600's and 180b's are very different that's why I'm asking the question. This topic has been covered many times before but not for 180b's. I have 15x8 with 0 offset