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  1. Looking To Sell Me 280C Datsun

    SOLD!. how do i delete this post..?
  2. Looking To Sell Me 280C Datsun

    or make me an offer anything above $500.00
  3. Hi There I don't know if anyone's interested in my 280c, it's has rego till Oct 1st, L28 rebuilt 20000k's ago 295000 on the clock electric window, aircon, power steer, CD, $1K.. to datnet members. Cheers
  4. I've booked it into an electrician this saturday, he thinks it may be the alternator itself but i'll asked him to check the earthing on the cluster as well.. hopefully all goes well.
  5. Hi just wondering if anyone can help in regards to my question to my ignition relay. when i start it in the mornings all the warning lights lightup on the dash. i was wondering if this would effect the alternator charging up my battery. The battery is just six months old and the car is a 280c sedan 1980....?I suppose i need a new ignition relay am i correct to say that..
  6. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    and some more great day Guys..!
  7. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    Some Photos [
  8. Sdc Cruise 8/8/10

    Sorry Go180B.. none of your car in he collection.. Had to leave early as well... new mountain bike got put together just as we got to rbertson pie shop.. Most of the other shots where crap as it was shot from the drivers seat.
  9. Sdc Cruise 8/8/10

    Some more shots ....
  10. Just seeing if anyone knows of someone in sydney who fits custom airbags...
  11. Historic Race Meet And Harry's Cafe De Wheels.

    I loved the look of this 240.... but the noise from the Farrari..! just magnificent. ..on startup...
  12. Historic Race Meet And Harry's Cafe De Wheels.

    I tried to get them shots. but mine are to embarrasing to put up.... all blurry and not sharp at all.. That is a great shot.. I need more practice AARRRR..
  13. Historic Race Meet And Harry's Cafe De Wheels.

    Just a few more shots start with the Datto 1200 The Best sounding GT there.
  14. Historic race meet at Eastern Creek. Nice..! 240z These Rx2's sounded Amazing buzzing away together. will try and get sounded today if their there again. Classic GT XY Even Though the GT and Charger sounded great the buzz from the Rx2 takes the Cake.. Old F1's Spoted a few Datto's, but could not get the one just driving through.. Blown Pontiac NICE...! GT Toyoa Crown Airbagged
  15. Gear Box Conversion For L28..

    Oh man its slow enough now.. hahahaa.. I may look into converting a complete RB26...but I'm wondering if they come in auto. and will may diff handle it..