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  1. mrnaty

    72' Gl 510 Grandpa Spec Glory Thread

    Hey Mick, I do have some brackets if you still need them so just give me a buzz when you're going to be up the mtns and I'll get them out for you. They'll need a bit of a clean up but they're straight. Cheers
  2. mrnaty

    72' Gl 510 Grandpa Spec Glory Thread

    Congratulations! Thats really cool. Kids definitely take up a lot of your time but its awesome and you'd never give them back! (thats two more reasons why my cars not finished ) I'll check for you but I'm pretty sure I have some spare bumper bar brackets........I'll let you know
  3. mrnaty

    72' Gl 510 Grandpa Spec Glory Thread

    That sounds like fun to me! Made any changes yet?
  4. mrnaty

    72' Gl 510 Grandpa Spec Glory Thread

    I like what you did with the roof line too!! I actually thought you were just joking and didn't realise you had bought Ryan's car. I remember you showing me a picture of it in Fast fours, and now its yours....Wow. I'd love a ride in it sometime when you're up the mountains. I'll also put my name on the list for the seats if fveten doesn't take them. Your last datto was such a gem and it was such a shame to hear what happened, I could only imagine how frustrating it must have been after all that hard work, time and money. Anyway I'm very keen to see how you put your own stamp on the new one. All the best with it.
  5. mrnaty

    Another Sr 1600 !?

    I'm trying not to put too much money into it! thats why its taking so long! I got the seats from my Dad. Swapped the steering wheel for a different more modern looking momo. bartered other nissan bits for the cv's.. bought a wrecked r33 for my callipers and a couple of other small things and sold the leftovers....... Thats a good idea to put some foam behind the rear firewall. I have some for in front, between it and the seat, but behind as well would be even better. The callipers are on ebay, but I'll give you a buzz. Cheers
  6. mrnaty

    Another Sr 1600 !?

    Well its been ages since I've updated this. It feels like I haven't made all that much progress, because I've just done little things here and there..... I made up an aluminium panel to separate the boot from the cabin. I put a couple of swage lines in to stop it being to "drummy" The r200 and cv's are all fitted with a datsport moustache bar I painted the cv's the same colour as my wheels. My rear brakes are now fitted with braided lines .I still have to secure the little clip that holds them in position on the trailing arm .I also need some new rear rotors. These ones are way under thickness! Started mocking up the cooler piping. This isn't the actual piping I'm using, just bits and pieces I got with the motor. I replaced the old bright blue silicone with new black ones. In keeping with the subtle theme. My struts are now fitted the right way around and I changed them from flat black to satin. Started figuring out brake lines and the position for my brake bias adjuster. I won't be able to finish the lines till I take the motor out I think. Fitted the new brake booster with my old 7/8 master cylinder These are the seats I'm using. I'd love to re-cover them in some material to match the original rear seats or like the kameari ones with the little eyelets Momo prototipo steering wheel Fitted this rear vision mirror from an r33. I couldn't believe it when it bolted straight up with absolutely no mods! go nissan interchangeability!! exactly the same 3 little bolts! now i have a day/night dipper and its the right colour and also it doesn't leave crumbs every where whenever i adjust it! When I was fitting the diff and cv's, I was having a little poke around under the car when I came across this little hole!!! after a further look and a bit of sound deadening removal I uncovered this. So disappointing! I know I'm fortunate to have so little rust in this shell, and its not a hard fix but still very annoying. Next is getting some r32 brake callipers. Anyone want a nicely painted pair of 296mm ones ready to bolt to dat sport "dog bones"? I'm going to the 280mm ones as the rotors are cheaper and I'll have the option to run 15" wheels.
  7. mrnaty

    Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    I'm really looking forward to watching this. I love both of your cars!
  8. I think I might start doing up my skate board instead
  9. mrnaty


    I've come across this heaps too! Often when looking to buy cars on carsales. Its always a similar story. they are interstate or OS right now but will happily ship you the car and if you don't want it they say they will take it back.........I even spotted the same car for sale a few months apart with same details and photos but a different name and sob story. They are just phishing for personal details.
  10. mrnaty

    Kennys 200B Sx Mild Resto'

    I once owned a nice 1600 wagon that i wished i never sold. I was at a servo in it (with a for sale sign stuck to the window) and this old guy pulled up next to me and while he was filling up , he said "You shouldn't sell it you know, You'll always regret it!" He was right too. Anyway, its cool that you were able to get it back! All the best with it mate. Look forward to seeing how it turns out.
  11. mrnaty

    Ratty 2 Door 1600 Sedan

    Cheers! I'm going to leave it looking like this for now. Its got so much character and it kind of reminds me of my first datto, not being perfect and therefore not feeling to precious about it. It would be fine parked anywhere down the street, you know, you wouldn't be too worried about someone opening their door on it. My first 1600 was such a fun car and I hope this one will be a bit like it. Only with less doors The plans are firstly to finish off the firewall. I've got some holes to fill and a couple to make then I'll give the bay a tidy up and paint. Then I'll fit the motor, which is an L20b 2.4 stroker with an a87 head with the usual work.Twin webbers, nice set of extractors etc. I want to get it all sorted out mechanically first and underneath looking nice and tidy whilst leaving the exterior pretty much as it is... Should be fun!