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  1. where is the search bar? i dont want to be a reposter?
  2. Sr20Det Vehicle Speed Sensor?

    im currently doing a build S13 SR20DET into a 180B, but this particular build is auto, if i went speed cable for origanal gauge would that effect the runnings of the car and auto gear box?
  3. julian can you get in touch with me please in regards to the fitting kit, ive got the money, i got the datto 180B and i got a unregoed 180SX all waiting to get the chop.

    im just up the road from your place, and today would be a great day to pop over. cheers seb.

    0410 323 769

  4. julian i am still interested in your 180B sr20 fitting kit.

    my number is 0410323769

    cheers seb

  5. julian you have no idea how interested i am, could i grab your mobile number please to orgonise a look at it?

    its for my girlfriend as im doing a SR conversion for her.

    she probably wont have money for about 2 weeks but if i could maybe have a look over the weekend and you could save it for us that would be fantastic.

    cheers seb

  6. Hi,

    You asked if I had a second kit for sale.

    The buyer has pulled out and the kit is up for sale again.

    Let me know if you are still interested.



  7. Sebs Bluebird

    got to do a wedding yesterday in my 910, was out in dubbo lol 630km trip on my own in one day was torture, should of taken ear muffs and the coil overs on them country roads almost shook my car to pieces lol did sevral hoops on the way to the wedding with the best men in the car lol they loved it, also did sevral on the way out too some one had to do it lol only down side was i think i broke a uni so it was a slow, even louder, nerve racking trip home, but i got back fine
  8. Sdc Cruise 7/3/10

    thanks all for yet another great day out and BBQ, was such a top day out, mad turn out, and it was so good to see the weather came good a lot of awsome cars too huge turn out and absolutly cant wait for the next one!
  9. Sdc Cruise 7/3/10

    hey guys is there a adress i can type into my tom tom for the liverpool krispy kreme? cheers
  10. Sdc Cruise 7/3/10

    i wouldnt mind tagging along assuming im over from WA in time
  11. Sebs Bluebird

    update. ok so motor has been well and truely finished now, i put it back in the car and i have done aprox 1000km on motor, so now time for some serious bolt on's. um, but.... this was 6months ago since then i got a job offer in WA in the pilbara as a mechanic! for the money and change in life experience i said yes...... bad idea ok. (but dont worry i didnt offload the bluebird, its nice and cute at my parents house in there car port ok so i got a little side tracked up hear in WA earning good money, so instead of spending it on my car i just went and got my self a better daily.... ok so its a pretty nice daily, but the hole WA life isnt for me so im moving home soon and hopefully going to get on track and finish off my bluebird finally, but its drivable so i hope i can join in a few cruises soon
  12. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    sleepy your not worryed about the strenght of the ca20 crank at all are you? i have herd that CA20 bottom ends are pretty weak! weather or not they are refering to the cranks im not sure. great build btw Seb
  13. Sdc Dyno Day Sunday 5th July 2009

    i havnt seen a dyno sheet like that before lol great results guys looks like another datsun-tastic day had by all i caint wait till i got my motor finished so i can join in next time
  14. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    shaun im so gelous round about now, the next datsun i get is going to be a 120Y yours looks so hot i cant wait to see it round