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  1. here is something i can relate to.in 8 years of owning my stanza coupe i went through 22 diffs,1 motor and 1 box......
  2. peterh

    Diff Upgrade For Stanza

    Not a hell of a lot. The easiest option is a h190 out of a live axel Gazelle.It will increase your track by about 40mm overall.It will bolt in as is but will chew out lower control arm bushes,you have to cut off the bottom mounts and re weld the stanza mounts to the diff. Also the tail shaft will need to be shortened and a compatable(gazelle or similar) companion flange required. These diffs are strong locked and heaps stronger than the stanza one if left open,but lsd centres are pretty much non existant. There is a guy on BMSC forum selling one atm with a variety of ratios for $1000. Another option would be a hilux diff.Grab a tape measure and hit the wrecking yards.A variety of ratios and plenty of lsd centres exist....
  3. peterh

    K-Mac Suspension Useless

    I brought a set of strut tops off them about 10 years ago and couldnt of been happier. So when i needed the same thing for another car a few years ago,i ordered them and had the biggest %#@! around of my life. After making 3 trips over there to firstly pick them up,then a further 2 trips to try and sort out why it wouldnt happen on the 4 trip i raced over there late in the afteernoon after ringing him,a very heated phone call to make sure someone was goinng to be there i took the struts,spring,inserts etc all with me. When i arrived the owner was there by himself,and wanting to lock up.I ,made him build the struts for me and wouldnt let him lock up untill he had done it and i was satisfied..He had to jump on the lathe and machine some shit up and was real pissed off.. If you paid by credit card see if you can cancell it.....
  4. peterh

    Stanza Owners Unite

    What do you need to know??
  5. peterh

    1600 Flares

    www.fibremaster.com.au.. Good on prices,out blacktown way but will post..
  6. peterh

    No Brakes

    What M.C did you use ?? did you go bigger bore and from what?? Are you running drums or discs on the rear?? has the M.c got a praportioning valve in it??? If you are running rear drums and the M.C has no valve (ie for disk brakes) then this will happen...
  7. peterh

    The Stanza

    Well done dude. Stanzas are a good fun car to tinker with. You should post up some photo's.
  8. peterh

    180B Struts In A B310 Sunny?

    Not 100% but i think the pcd of the top bolts are different on a sunny..Can anyone confirm??
  9. peterh

    No Brakes

    What size is your master cylinder?? Not 100%,but i think dr30 are 15/16..Not too sure on bluebird,but if they are smaller (ie 13/16) all the bleeding in the world is not going to give you good brakes. I had r31 brakes on my stanza and replaced the standard 13/16 master cyl with a 15/16 from a vl commodore.. Check the size and try to confirn the size needed,and if you need bigger,hit the wreckers to find a suitable master cylinder that will fit your booster.. Cheers Pete
  10. peterh


    yes you can,but it depends on what datsun your talking about. www.ozeparts.com.au There site is down at the momrnt,but shoot them an email....