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  1. I am in need of doing a R200 diff conversion with cv rear but I'm not sure of whats the best option to go with.. What do ppl recommend/tried/tested? Has to handle 400rwhp comfortably. I know Maddat do a cv conversion and also Wolfcreek from the states... Has anyone used these setups before and how did they go? Also what diff should i use? I want something that is going to be reliable... I'm sick of breaking diffs and half shafts every time the car is driven... Probably looking at 3.9 ratio although 4.11 might not be too bad as the turbo is a lil laggy... It'd for a 1600 by the way.. Cheers
  2. Help!

    Can anyone tell me the lenghth of a standard 180b strut? The earlier smaller stub axel ones? Thanks
  3. Simmons wheels

    Word going around is simmons have been brought and will continue to be made.....
  4. Custom CV's For R200/R180

    How much did you pay for the lsd center if you can remember??
  5. Cost Of A Complete R200 Setup

    Thought thats what you were getting....Why would i wanna buy an s series??? That'd just be going backwards
  6. Cost Of A Complete R200 Setup

    Just sell what? What is an s series?? you trying to be funny or something???
  7. Custom CV's For R200/R180

    Did you put the lsd center in that diff or did u get the diff from a car and it came with the center? I just trying to figure out what centers i can use with what diffs and what cv's etc...
  8. Cost Of A Complete R200 Setup

    Cool. Rang SWM today and he wanted $4500 for a complete bolt in set up....
  9. Custom CV's For R200/R180

    Has anyone used this kit on here before? Just wanna know what power you have and also the diff and/or lsd you are using in the diff.... Thanks
  10. Just enquiring as to how much the r200 with cv conversion is going to set me back? And any places/workshops that have done it all before would be handy to know...
  11. Custom CV's For R200/R180

    Any chance of another group buy on these? Or if not the contact details of the person who can make them for me?
  12. Hey i was just wondering if any guys have used a fibrglass bonnet on thier 1600? I know there is a company in melbourne called alfa motorsport fibreglass who make them..... Just wondering if there are any other companies who make them and how well they are made......
  13. My guy rekons the cores alone are 500 bucks!!
  14. Yeah its going to be hard to compete with pwr... my guy wants around 700 to build them.. i have the CAD drawing of the radiators if someone know a person who could maybe do them for cheaper??
  15. Hey guy's, i'm looking at making up some radiators that will be direct replacement for the original 1600 radiators including the mountings so that they mount to the original 1600 radiator support.. These will be in full alloy with a cross flow design i.e tanks on sides not top and bottom..Just wondering if there would be a market for these things or am i waisting my time making them up?