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  1. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    QUOTE (SEB20DET @ Jul 17 2009, 08:06 AM) sleepy your not worryed about the strenght of the ca20 crank at all are you? i have herd that CA20 bottom ends are pretty weak! weather or not they are refering to the cranks im not sure. great build btw Seb Hi Seb, the ca20 crank is actually stronger than the ca18 crank around the journals, but does have a smaller snout at front and 2 less bolts on flywheel. But so far so good engine is making more power with 5psi less boost and heaps more torque. I think when people say the ca20 is weak i think they are refering to the rods they are like toothpicks
  2. Is It Strong

    i have series 3 ventura diff at the olds place, its drum brake and appears to have a larger center than the bluebird diffs that fits the 1200 ute housings
  3. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    Hi mate, rods are ca18 spool! I found these pistons on the JE piston chart, they have a 20mm pin same as ca18 and a higher pin height and are 85mm 2mm larger than ca18. with the larger stroke 83.6 - 88mm you need to make up 2.2mm either with a shorter rod (not a good idea) or higher pin height in piston this is how the tomei stroker kit works.
  4. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    Hi Nick, There is a bit of talk about ca20det's around the net, most are det heads on ca20 blocks. But to retain the ca18 block for engineering. i have just used a ca20 crank and bored the block 2mm. The main difference with the crank is a smaller snout at front and a 6 bolt flywheel. I have used the ca20 oil pump, flywheel and front pulley, the main issue is the timing gear (different size teeth) with this i have had the ca20 gear machined down basically into a sleeve so that the larger ca18det gear will slide over the top then made up 1 large keyway to lock the 2 and also dowelled the joint. with the pistons i have used 85mm ford zetec pistons, these have a higher pin height and are dished, but even so still required machining off the tops but being dished the meat only came off the edge not the middle. Ideally custom pistons could be made these were just heaps cheaper being off the shelf from the US john
  5. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    Sorry my typo error! its 2050cc 88mm stroke 85mm bore around 250cc increase. John.
  6. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    sorry its 2050cc not 2250cc . I wish i could get it to 2250cc
  7. Sl33pe's New Engine Ca20det

    Thought i would put some specs up of the new ca18det stroker engine 2050cc ca18det block decked and bored 2mm ca20 crank with machined counter weights and rebalanced ca20 oil pump, flywheel, front pulley spool conrods JE 85mm forged pistons acl race bearings mild port head tomei cams gt2871 just got the thing together! missed out on dyno day by a day. spewin!
  8. Hi, you will find your 1200 ute has a jap diff, all that i have seen do! There are two different ute diffs, pre 1976 i think were small (jap style) like a sedan/coupe and the later ute's have a larger jap diff, same center at a bluebird with a higher ratio. The drama you will find with a 120y diff or any 1200 sedan/coupe/wag diff is the handbrake cable and brake line and on the oppisite side.
  9. Sdc Night Cruise 20/6/09

    sounds like a plan! im up for that, what time you thinkin?
  10. Sdc Night Cruise 20/6/09

    Haha! you would get left behind anyway, i have seen how your turbo datsuns go! haha
  11. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    Haha true! i think the a12 might be to much power for this softy!
  12. Shauns New Project Ca18det Wags

    Your a mad softcock! I would of had that thing turbo'd almost overnight
  13. Sdc Dyno Day Sunday 5th July 2009

    Im in for sure! should have the new engine in by then
  14. Night Cruise 29/05/2009 Starting 8pm

    7.30pm panthers maccas penrith for a 8Pm departure as far i know shauno!