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  1. Does anyone know where to get one. my auto wont start in park 50% of the time, i need to put it into N. the switch must be worn any ideas
  2. Stock White 1600 Needed

    Hey jeff alerted me to this thread, My car may be what the doctor ordered, its totally stock, white and in fairly good condition. thursday night would be possible as im not working that night. where would the car be needed. Damian 0416 050 718
  3. I Have a 1970 datsun 1600 stock as a rock. I have had pedders put in comfort gas shox 2 years ago. Adapters are put in there as well due to different height of shock/strut. (normal say pedders). Problem is the shox came loose and the car clunks all the time when turning/and Braking. My mechanic re tightened them and all is quiet for now.... Problem is it will return and seems to be clunking again only a week after re tightening. who has had this occur to them and how can it be permanently eliminated. The shox are thinner then the strut they fit into and they under load they move about. Bolt em in somehow, put a locating spacer in the bottom? what is the solution? Please help!!
  4. Loose Shox In Standard Struts

    thanks guys, great ideas. when the noise comes back ill have the know how on what to do thanks
  5. Wedding Shots 5-10-08

    where did that cedric come from, roy and HG will be proud eh jeff
  6. Hello all, a rock on the M4 put a good 50c size star on the drivers side of my classic and i can get a fee winscreen with shannons but i need the seal. the seal obriens have does not support the use of the original stainless steel decorative strips. the ones spectrum have do. I want to know feedback on those of you who have used the spectrum ones and if they are worth their salt. Also the car i have l;ooks to have the original screen and i want to know is replacing it all in vain or shall i wait till i get round the restoring the car? cheers Damian
  7. Need A Windscreen Seal 1600

    looks like the spectrum will do i dont know when ill be restoring the car, as then ill be too paranoid to drive it and park it each day. just hope no cancer is under the old seal thanks guys