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  1. Baz


  2. Baz

    Datsun 180b Sss 74

    The grille , tail lamps & black bonnet set it apart Fez. Great job.
  3. Baz

    Datsun Stanza Ride Hieght Need Help

    Depends on what struts & springs you are using. Provided the bump/ droop is ok & the ground clearance is ok you should not have a problem. Whilst we have a few stanzas in the shop, none are std height.
  4. Baz

    Datsun Stanza Ride Hieght Need Help

    Whats the problem?
  5. Baz

    Datsun 180b Sss 74

    Fez, you MUST use 2 pack foam, normal expanding foam is a fail for filling frame rails etc. On average it will increase torsional rigidity by 30%. Used it lots on my rally cars.
  6. Baz

    All The Way In Washington State Usa

    That is a Stanza bumper. GX type. I guess you want the GL type without the rubber ends. Would love a Stanza wagon.
  7. Baz

    Shoutbox Here......

    Some stuff we are playing around with.
  8. Baz

    Shoutbox Here......

    Face book is killing the forums. A pity as a lot of info will soon be lost.
  9. Baz

    R31 Strut Rebuild

    Use KYB Z31 inserts the ones sold here under the original PN are 25% up on standard rate.
  10. Baz

    Dat Sport Brakes

    Unless you have swapped the rotors around, they will not clear the dust efficiently. direction of slots. Apart from that its just a few minor things. Brakes will work no matter where the calipers are mounted. My minor points, and they are minor: Front mounted calipers are in the low pressure air zone & are shrouded by the rim, cooling issue. Calipers mounted to the rear do not get tangled up in sway bars & links. Calipers to the rear are behind the centre of the wheels so balance is improved. They look better ?????
  11. Baz

    Thermo Fan - Speed When Hard Wired

    Hard wired fans will run at full speed.
  12. After fitting an S15NA into Tracys Stanza, I am convinced that these engines are a better option than an L series. Whilst it does not have the loudness of webers, it certainly sounds like a muffled webered L . I love the throttle responce and torque. A real fun car to drive & very quick. With the minor mods we have done I reckon it has about 175 HP. Thats equal to a ported, cammed,very well tuned webered L. With not that much difference to sound & drivability over 4K RPM. Its under 4K that the main difference is felt. Good torque pulling from, 2K , smooth, great fuel economy & easy starting. I honestly cant see going back to an L series except for the nostalgia.
  13. Baz

    1972 Datsun 1600 - S15 Sr20Det - D A T T O

    Matt, have you altered the water flow of the heater circuit at all? If you have I suggest you check out the nissan schematic for the water flow. We once bypassed & removed part of the heater plumbing and this resulted in rapid overheating.
  14. Baz

    Speedo Sensors

    We have done this conversion, its quite simple really. give me a call & I will explain.
  15. If you are in SA do NOT remove the number on the LH strut tower. Otherwise they will remove the paint looking for it, or restamp a number thro your nice fresh paint. Same ting applies if the paint is too thick & you cant read it. note always refer LH or RH from the drivers seat. Saves confusion