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  1. !datsun Sr1600!

    Just picked up my fuel tank and now im broke
  2. !datsun Sr1600!

  3. !datsun Sr1600!

  4. !datsun Sr1600!

    Ebay it was only $60 too, not really into carbon fibre but it sets off the blue well.
  5. !datsun Sr1600!

    got them re painted and lip polished. Engine all clean and painted. the beast's together off to the panel beater again, hopefully be done in a few months
  6. !datsun Sr1600!

    Any thoughts on which wheels i should use, i don't like the black on the wantanabe's want to get them repainted maybe polish the lip.
  7. !datsun Sr1600!

    wheels need a good clean and polish
  8. !datsun Sr1600!

    Body work still not finished but heres what she looks like at the moment.
  9. !datsun Sr1600!

    I only had to cut the edges off in a ark like i showed in the photo. it fits in no prob. i didn't cut the foam (yet), just the steel backing. when i get to trimming the interior prob wont need to add any foam to the back seat, but i might cover the wheel arch with a separate piece.
  10. Blue Pig 1600

    Are you on the road yet?
  11. !datsun Sr1600!

    Boot all done, flat floor in place. seat rails and mounts all modified and welded in, had to move it all back 60mm more than standard more leg room
  12. !datsun Sr1600!

    some not very exciting progress gone to make way for drop tank Handbrake kit from datsport and a trans cover the not so fun job of removing 40years of crap from the underside, lots of pea gravel and rubber, a NOS radiator support and valance from japan (ebay)
  13. Blue Pig 1600

    cheers mate, big help. glad your close to done. mine still months away yet. be good to see another 1600 on perth streets havnt spotted one for at least 6 months
  14. Blue Pig 1600

    hey mate, what engineer are you using? i havent had much luck with the list on the DPI site. cheers
  15. Hi mate

    few questions do you know of a good engineer in Perth and is there a chance of having a look at the kind of clearance you have whith those wheel you got on? email me aaron730670@hotmail.com cheers mate