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  1. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    Long time since updating but I have just finished putting the gearbox back in the car, now fitted with a higher stall converter. Also fitted a 5 point harness and will be racing the car at the 25th of July Test and Tune. Hopefully a 10 second pass is in the bag
  2. Ca Guys Turbo Question

    how does it go with that size . how laggy is it . as in when does it start coming on boost and when is full boost made by I'm running the same as Shaun with 264/8.8 Tomei cams, through an auto I get full boost at 5000rpm, pretty laggy but the shot of gas helps it wake up.
  3. Need Some Ca18Det Advice

    CA18's have no major problems that i've come across, and mine gets thrashed hard everytime it gets driven! First engine made 230rwkw's on 22psi (manual) with just forged pistons, FMIC, exhaust, 440cc injectors and a Microtech. This is using stock rods, but a set of ARP head studs were fitted. The current engine makes 242rwkw (auto) on 23psi and never had a problem. I feed it nitrous and it sees 7500rpm many a time If you want big power, the first thing I recommend is ARP head studs, CA18's lift heads pretty common, apart from that, tune it right and give it hell!
  4. Looking For Any Photos Of God20L?

    I found 2 pics from ages ago, shame I had a shitty camera at the time!
  5. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    Shift @ 7000rpm, limiter @ 7500rpm
  6. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    Yeah c'mon cough up!!! Video: TIMESLIP
  7. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    OK Update. Slapper bars are now fitted to the car, racing next week (19th of August). Took the car to Castle Hill Exhaust for a tune this morning, turned up making 308rwhp on 25psi, ended up leaving making 324rwhp @ 23psi Very happy, car is a weapon up top now. The gas is also programmed to turn off @ 20psi and it holds 20psi till you let the transbrake button go, cannot wait to race on Wednesday!
  8. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    Check out this month's Boost magazine (formely Zoom), the car is featured
  9. Sdc Dyno Day Sunday 5th July 2009

    I think I may be away this day...spewing! If plans change I will definately be there
  10. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    I should have updated this thread, here is a photo with the new turbo fitted: Car has run 11.34 @ 119mph @ Supernats 2008, and the car is currently having a few read end mods done, and it should be back @ WSID with more nitrous to crack a 10, hopefully by the end of July. Have been giving it more hell too
  11. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    Thanks....sorry haven't been on this thread for a while, and I just noticed your ute in your avatar, I saw this a little while ago (maybe a month or so?) coz I live in Greystanes too! When I heard your ute I was proud to hear another laggy CA18 auto in the area Haha, yeah real good bloke too. I think he was enjoying it until it stepped out onto the other side of the road in top gear
  12. That ute belongs to my good mate, made 479hp @ the rears that weekend, big cam, CAI, 150 shot of gas, using M/T 225/50/15 tyres....he was doing most drags that day using half throttle otherwise the car just violently turns those tyres. As a comparison, mine made 308rwhp, but its a lot lighter and the tyres hooked up a shitload better! I was pretty happy making it that close to the finals, I was also pretty happy going through 6 or 8 sets of tyres that weekend, and the car didn't miss a beat all weekend If anyone has photos or videos of my car, post them up....I am currently uploading a video that has your 180B running the ute, should be done soon, I will post the link once done.
  13. Which Car?

    I drive a 1993 WA Festiva, 37 Litre tank that gets 480-500km on a tank. $60 to fill, lasts just on 4 days for you.
  14. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    Thanks for the kind words, I bought the car from the Sutherland area.
  15. Datsun 120y Ca18det

    The Auto was matched to the CA18det, and the converter was a little low, so it struggles to come on boost and is a little laggy. I raced the car like this and it ran 12.6 with no boost off the line. So the solution was either converter or nitrous, so I took the nitrous option The nitrous was fitted (50 shot) and wired up the the Eboost, and it was set up to cut the nitrous at 15psi, and the engine should then have enough boost and load to push to 20psi or whatever the boost was set at (usually 22psi). I then went straight to Powercruise 12 and spent 4 days sideways around Eastern Creek and revving the car to 7000rpm in the Powerskid comp, and not a problem in the world, didn't miss a beat. The gas helped the turbo come on straight away and I barely had time to shift gears with the auto, especially with the 14" stockies on the back. Also fitted some Centreline Convo Pros on the front. I then took the car to WSID to test the gas on the track, and ended up running 11.92 @ 114mph, but then the engine let go over the line. So, after much thought of what I want to do, I have decided to build another engine, this time a semi serious setup. Mind you, the above combo lasted 4 years with violent RPM all day everyday, so I was more than happy with the life span it had! So, the new specs are: -40 thou Wiseco pistons. -RPM I-Beam rods. -ARP rod bolts. -ARP main studs. -ARP head studs. -ACL Race bearings. -Tomei Procams 260 Duration/8.8mm Lift. -Tomei adjustable cam gears. -Tomei valve springs. -Mild porting (more smoothing ports) on the head. -Port matched inlet/exhaust manifolds. -Garrett GT3076R Turbo. -Tial 44mm Wastegate. The bottom end will be built in about 2 weeks, just waiting for a few cranks to be crack tested. I have entered Supernats (November @ WSID) and Summernats this year (January), so car will hopefully be running again in September/October. Engine being built be Dominator Engines in Guildford. All videos of the Bluebird & 120Y can be found here: ******YOUTUBE LINK****** Thats really all I can think of right now....I will have many more pictures of the new build in the next few weeks. 11.92 @ 114mph Powercruise 12 Powercruise 12 Powercruise 12 Powercruise 12 Melted Pistons Melted Pistons