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  1. Just had my windscreen put in and I relised that without the chrome strips, with the type of seal I have it looks shit! Was not going to use the chrome because I did not get it with the car and thought I could use a different seal and it will look sweet. Anyway not the case, the guy who put the screens in said he has a aftermarket chrome product has anyone used this, I don't want it to look cheep! Also I'll start searching for a desent set, for my 71 1600 any idear who has or where I can find it cheers
  2. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

    back of the rear seats have been trimed the look awesome final mock up of the center console and dash.its now ready for paint. some chrome stuff has been added to the car it makes such a difference, cant wait to get it finished getting closer now
  3. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

    http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4694-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4695-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4696-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4697-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4698-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4699-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4700-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4701-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4702-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4703-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4704-/ next we went and are currently at trims by Shawn, what a talented and professional guy. ive really been impressed by his quality of work and communication with me step by step through the process. the roof lining is in the door cards and rear parcel shelve are finished bar the accent pieces which will be sprayed the same color as the car. he has fabed the dash and it is matched with the glove box to follow the same curve as the original dash, but the gauges are angled towards the driver. he has mocked up the gages and i'm off to Canberra to pick up the dash center console (which he has made and it runs back all the way to the rear seats. just looks cool as) and other peaces to take to my sprayer to finish off. seat rails are next and once all the spray work is complete the build will be actually looking like a drivable car. from there we will be adding all the chrome stuff. its all been rechromed and looks awesome. I'm very excited with the cars progression at the moment. not to far of now,well after 6 years it wont be much longer.....
  4. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

    http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4693-/ http://datnet.org/gallery/image/4692-/ next we took a trip to the impound in Canberra for a complete rewiring. this took quite some time with all the old wiring loom removed and everything else replaced new, and hidden. they did an awesome job ill take some more photos soon of the new fuse boxes and locations.
  5. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

  6. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

    its been a long time between drinks but for everyone playing at home here's the next exciting chapter of the 1600s journey
  7. just about to start the interior of my 71 1600 and i noticed the ducting that goes from the heater box to the vents below the windscreen are missing. can anyone give me an idear how to replace or find another set? the openings on either side of the box are different in size, any ideas cheers
  8. chefly

    1600 Full Rebuild

    scrolled back up the page and had another look, the sr is staring me in the face sorry about the fj call, you cant have it all think ive had a few to many ales and anths photos have 69 fj underneath , anyway awesome looking car buddy
  9. chefly

    1600 Full Rebuild

    Car passed engineers today. yee haa.. rego tomorrow...
  10. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

    nah unfortunately the cooler and radiator are to far forward
  11. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

    some more of the goodies i have been collecting over the years. hope to receive my sway bar tomorrow and with a little luck ill have enough time and money to get the break and suspension hooked up in a few weeks
  12. chefly

    1600 Fj20 Project

    thanks sx-510 it means a lot, loved your car when i saw it in the mag. what do you mean by big hole? after a bit of a wait my suspension and break gear has turned up from datsport. I'm like a kid at Xmas time cant wait to get it on the car
  13. chefly

    Wheel Size And Style

    didn't they stop making Simmons rims years ago, not for me its been done over and over again
  14. I'm now looking to purchase a set of rims for the 1600 and with the amount of wheels on the market its tough to choose. i know it is a individual choice but what are you running? what is the difference in quality? (saw a set that i liked yesterday but they where only $1400 with tyres sounds way to cheep) what size and width are they? and finally whats the legalistic of it all?