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  1. I bought mine through Kev at Specialised brake and clutch in Emu Plains Sydney which i have found to be better than R31 due to them using drum style for handbrake and claipers for braking,these seem to hold better and have a better feel under braking the rotors are 298mm from memory and i have 15" rims on them
  2. Jamboree Qld

    Hey All, Anyone going to Jamboree in QLD? Or anyone able to suggest some good reasonable accomodation up there?
  3. Mounting Electric Water Pumps

    I do have pics but they are on my phone and my skills at uploading them arent very good,happy to text them to you if you like. As for the blanking plate(mines and FJ) i had an old water pump gasket(L series is close if you dont have one) and cut out the shape using a minimum of 6mm is ok,im using 8mm alloy plate. hope this helps
  4. Mounting Electric Water Pumps

    I have the EWP115,its mounted by the hoses as they say to do,havent had any dramas with it as its a solid mount with the hose taking up any vibrations
  5. Need To Borrow Ramps

    thanks but i just pickd up some for $20,appriciate your reply
  6. Hey All, Just wondering if anyone has ramps in sydney that they would be willing to lend me or sell to me?? Thanks Greg
  7. will be there first show for the car,couldnt have picked a better one
  8. Urgently need someone in sydney that can make ignition leads anyone know someone????
  9. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    saw shaun this morning stuck in the traffic on the m4
  10. wont have my car there but bring one mate with s15 that was just bought and maybe another with r32gtr(pull the fuse for rearwheel fun )
  11. Buying A Haltech

    Adam at JEM or the boys from Tweakit both used to work for haltech so should be able to get a good deal
  12. Datsun Day - Show, Shine & Swap Meet

    Car wont be ready but have a few things i might bring to try get rid off,any charge for that??
  13. Fuel Line Help

    Up to the stage of running fuel lines,i have -8 metal lines cut the probelm is when im bending it the bends come to sharp and the line looks like it will get restricted,any ideas on how to over comes this problem or am i just worrying about nothin?? Or do i just spend the hundreds of dollars and go with a braided setup?? Any input would be welcomed as im starting to get disheartend with the project
  14. Hey all not sure if you've heard that goverment wants to drasticlly change the laws regarding modified cars sign the petition below to stop them.... http://www.gopetition.com.au/petitions/fair-registration-for-modified-vehicles/sign.html
  15. Wiper Motor

    Hey all, Just fitted in the FJ and i have a problem with the wiper motor not fitting in due to it hitting the rocker cover.Anyone able to tell me which unit i need to change too?? thanx