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  1. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    Is this car still around ?
  2. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    spotted white 1600 the other day at the lights of herring rd and m2 on ramp, Macquarie Park, think the plate was SR.1600
  3. If Only I Had Some Folding

    Anyone know if this is still for sale, and if so owners contact details?

    That photo from behind is sweet. Car looks amazing on the road...
  5. Newby

    so as i read it a 90 would cut preety sick on your thundercat.... just like a blown 454 in a 1200.... like you say i bet your boat cant do this but :angry: angry 1200
  6. Jeffboree 2008!

    Were you two separated at birth
  7. Finding 2 Door Sedan 1600

    Put an offer in you never know....money talks :p http://datnet.org/index.php?showtopic=62
  8. Nice

    Is that a cayenne in the back window fanta pants :p .... as the title suggests nice.....
  9. RB25DET 260C

    this thing on the road yet scotty
  10. NIS016 1969 Datsun 1600

    beautiful car guys its a credit to you... kudos for, in my opinion, the best enigine bay you will find anywhere
  11. LUNATIC 200B

    Hey mate how ya been your new car looks sick you still got sss078
  12. awesome stuff i would consider a losing a nut for one of those 2 being rebuilt there... also what the %#@! is the go with the 8 to 9 foot tall person in the background of the fine parts 240 / auto classica vid? from 0 to 10th second?? Thats one huge mofo
  13. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    lol it may have been amn510 ive seen that around at engadine a bit but hey not sure. they were havin a fair crack at it but ss must have been blown to keep up lol
  14. Wsid

    go dato - how did you get my missus on ya avatar man nice times sx510
  15. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    Was headin West along Heathcote rd last night about 5pm. Seen a VY SS being overtaken by (ha hum racing) a white 1600 with front mount, Anyone from here, hope ya chopped the nugget anywayz