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  1. mr610

    Josh's 72 1600 Sedan (first Car)

    trial fit of new v8 engine looks to be good size for car
  2. mr610

    Josh's 72 1600 Sedan (first Car)

    Its been a few years now alot has happened due to work and evrything else So we finally got it out of the shed off to my workshop to get fully stripped down Then off to blasters and going to get rust work done Here are a few update photos of shell as it sits now Rear 1/4 typical rusty 1600
  3. Bit of a bugger about the burnout was goin good the missus got some good photos of ur car in the supercruise on thursday
  4. youtube link hope it works is from a iphone not best quality but all i had at time
  5. Hey shaun i have seem u at all the wrong times nice burnout today what was all the fluid goin all over the rear window didnt look good i put a video up on utube mins after ur burnout just got to work out how to copy link from iphone to here
  6. will be good to see hows ur new engine going shaun, if youre cruising around might see if you can take the young fella for a lap around natex in the datto, give him some inspiration for his, show him how good ur burnouts are would love to take one of my datos next year just flying this year and none of the 4 are on the road
  7. any datto's entering summernats 25 making the trip down from North Qld cant miss 25 espcially with the supercruise
  8. mr610

    Jeffboree 2008!

    yeh but its worthy too be there just wish i could get the footage from serious biz tape that was funny when they interviewed you
  9. mr610

    Jeffboree 2008!

    here is a few old ones
  10. mr610

    Simmons Fr17's 17X7.5

    tempe tyres are nopw redoing simmons price is $990 wheel i sold my fr's for $2500 with tyres you should be able to achieve this but prepared for a loss how much are you asking I cannot view your ad for some reason
  11. mr610

    Wife 1200 Ute

    they do look good but i think it will look better when the body is painted the new colour thinking of painting the wheels gold as might be getting some 16x7 for the the front but they only come in silver jet510 the performance will get better the colour is actually lighter than morpheous purple
  12. mr610

    Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

    when i get some more money together the car is going to a guy in aitkenvale that does old cars to cut all of the rust out he makes all his own panels from scratch his work is pretty awesome
  13. mr610

    Project 510 Datsun Ca18Det

    I know wish they would do 16 panels I need a lhr 1/4 for the young fellas 1600
  14. mr610

    Wife 1200 Ute

    u like jeff