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  1. Jeffboree 2008!

    After years of not posting in Datnet, it took the revival of this thread to bring me back LOL
  2. Rear End Feels 'skatey' On Deceleration

    definately the 2 way Matt locks on acceleration AND deceleration never liked 2ways on the street, bit like a locker at times
  3. Mini Tubbed 1600

    LOL check out the squat and camber!
  4. 71 1600

    Nice coincidence, 510 flies past at 5:10 was waiting for a 180B to fly past at 6:10 lol
  5. S15 6Spd Gearbox Into 1600

    gearbox bolts up fine with the same crossmember that you would use on a 5 speed sr box. However tailshaft would be a different length between 5 speed and 6 speed. wouldnt matter if your getting one made up anyway, but just in case you already have a tailshaft that suits a 5 speed, its gonna be different length
  6. Havent been here for ages, nothings changed. Dattos looking hot as ever GO THE DATTOS

  7. Sx-510 - The Wagon

    Looking good Jeff! Long time mate glad to see you still got "Datsun Difference" All it needs now is rear and side wagon venetian blinds
  8. 1969 Datsun 1600 510

    Hey dude nice stuff u have there what driveshafts you gonna use with that diff though? i presume custom?
  9. What Are These Gearboxes?

    I had a 5 speed box in my 180b, it looked like the 1st one, with L6 stamped on it as well - does that denote a 6 cylinder L series gearbox? only reason being is when i bought it i was told it was a bluebird TRX 5 speed.
  10. Sx-510 - The Wagon

    Nice stuff Jeff You have baffled me though into why you are dropping an L series back into the coupe? whats your grand plan anyway where are you goin with all this? lol
  11. Need Info On Z24 Motor

    Reason is i have heard that they dont fit inside the L20 block Lot of machining involved to allow the Z24 crank to spin freely, i dont think its just a little bit of machining but thats what i heard i have no experience in this
  12. Help Identifying These 180B Struts

    sorry bout the late reply Jasol im not on very often anymore Nah sorry no struts left i think i sold my last set bout 1 year ago. goodluck man
  13. 72' Gl 510 Grandpa Spec Glory Thread

    LOL yes michael i remember that driveway, cant really forget it! Finally your getting this project up and running! good work, there is no turning back now, goodluck!
  14. Help Identifying These 180B Struts

    dont quote me on this but im gonna take an educated guess and say Early 180B i had late 180B struts and from memory i dont remember them looking like that, dunno what it is, just feels different. lol
  15. SX-510 SR20DET 510 1800SSS Bluebird Coupe

    Jeffro whats goin on mate give us an update on the beast!