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  1. Harrison

    Flutta- Datsun 1200 Ca18Det Sedan

    congratulations for getting the new car.. it really pretty clean, I think you are very luck found this car in very good condition, because I also see many but no one is like yours. Thanks for sharing the photos. You engine bay is also very clean.. Good luck and keep it clean.
  2. Harrison

    Top Gear Festival, Sydney Motorsport Park 2013

    hmm this picture telling that how was the event... because the cars are shining in the sun light.. glad to see them without modifications. but you posted only one photo, if you have more shots then please them too. Thanks for sharing this.
  3. Harrison

    2012 Datsun Day , 4Th November @ Prospect Hotel Nsw.

    hmm awesome cars.. I like the color of those car because they are very glowing color and see very few cars in light color. and the modifications you done are also very nice... and the shots are also very clean and good. Thanks for sharing the photos.
  4. Harrison

    Gun 16

    Awesome project, love the color of your car.... because its very attractive and glowing... and the working you done on the car is also very good. Thanks for sharing the photos of you project.. You did a great job... Can you please tell me how much this project costs?
  5. Harrison

    Anyone Is Interested Datsun 200B?!

    Well what price you are offering, because I am thinking to do a project on this car.. Anyhow if your price will affordable to me then I will contact you further. Thanks for sharing the photos, these are very helpful.
  6. Harrison

    Datsun 510/1600 Centre Console

    hmm you done good job.. I like the design of center center console because it looks very nice and prefect for that place, as you fix the gauge in the that console.. its looking nice but I think you should choose some different design gauges.and paint that plastic part.