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  1. Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    Bloody amazing work there Ecca, perfect colour choice too. Congrats mate
  2. EJ20T Powered 1600 (now with pics)

    That's the spirit, good luck and hope you get to drive it down
  3. SR-1600

    Mine used to nosedive returning to idle back when I had a top mount turbo (and short AFM piping) too Chris. Now that I am running low mount and slightly longer AFM pipe it's better, but still does it. PL doesn't have any trouble with his though. Hey nice work on the oil cooler ducting, very nicely done!
  4. Historic 1967 Vb10 1000 Wagon - Granny Spec

    Just wanted to let you all know I'm back into this project after a busy year of work and family matters. The warm weather (and xmas time off work) always gets the motivation going. Recently got about 4 days into the bodywork and have pretty much completed the panel beating of the rear quarters and rear beaver. Lots of Grandpa parking dents... Pretty happy with my backyard panel beating efforts. Will try to get some pics up soon. In the meantime, thanks to the Sweet Brown youtube video:
  5. Restoring A Mint 1600 Wagon

    Is this wagon still out there somewhere?
  6. You are inspiring me to build a neat Datto Scotty!
  7. EJ20T Powered 1600 (now with pics)

    I'm looking forward to seeing it at Datsun Day (no pressure :-) )
  8. 40Mm Webers For A Datsun 1600

    PM sent
  9. Sydney Datsun Club, Monthly Meeting Venue

    I am up for a vote, just say how and when and I'm there! Just one comment - should internal car club committee related matters really be raised on this public forum like this???
  10. Requesting Some Help

    Hi Josh! brakes could be an issue with rear wheel cylinders, they are notorious for corroding, leaking and seizing brakes esp when left to sit. Try jacking up each end of car to work out which wheel is stuck. For the not starting drama, give the spark plugs a clean with some wet or dry paper. Go get a can of aerostart or start ya bastard and spray a bit down open carby throat before (and maybe during) cranking Good luck! Would love to help but am at Eastern Creek tomoro
  11. Good one guys see you there! My car is unfortunately out for this one too (tyre issue)... but will go to watch.
  12. Sounds good Shawn. Im getting there at 9am this time. Try to do the same if you can cos the car queue was about 100m long when I arrived at 915 last time!
  13. A bunch of Datto owners from the Downunder Datsuns Facebook group are racing at the Sydney Dragway SUNDAY street meets on: 24 June http://wsid.com.au/?m=events&a=event_page&id=125 and 29 July http://wsid.com.au/?m=events&a=event_page&id=103 Meeting at 'Competitor Entry' gates 9am ready for scrutineering starting 10am. See web links above for all info including clothing and helmet requirements. Hope to see you there!
  14. How did you test the injectors Eric? Are you sure the one on suspect cylinder is opening and spraying? I've seen several injectors 'glue' themselves closed when motors have been left to sit. Sometimes plugging on and off a temporary 'test lead' from injector direct to car battery can give some extra volts and amps to crack them open again. Also as Shawn suggests, try new spark plugs, or at least clean them (they foul easy on repeated cold starts), or even try swapping plugs between cylinders to see if the missing cylinder moves to another.
  15. Datsuns On Google Maps

    And the cops there to speak with Anthony about his skidzzzzz?