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  1. FJ20t 1600

    Hey Ben & Jeff, it has definatley been a while. Had a few setbacks but the dattos still sitting in the garage. I'll get around to it soon hopefully!!
  2. Fj20's And Electric Water Pumps

    ive only ever been told by people in the know that electric water pumps are the go. just spend the money on a good one and dont look back.
  3. Who's Cashed Up?

    it IS nice but he never got around to lining up his bootlid properly
  4. 1200 Ute Bodywork

    hard to say without looking at it, though being a 1200 ute and all its probably quicker and easier to put a new quater panel on it. they are cheap enough to consider it as an option.
  5. Anyone Mates With Aaron Fitzpatirck?

    these days 40k isnt a rare price tag for a resto. you just need to make sure the work reflects the $$$
  6. *metal Finishers*

    thanks mate, yeah looked into it, thought i may as well get a quote first. it seems not many places are doing cast these days
  7. *metal Finishers*

    hey mark do you know if all metal bumpers re-chrome die-cast, as in the handles and badges? i keep forgetting to call them during the days
  8. Bare Metal Resprays In Sydney :unknw:

    try sefton smash repairs
  9. Man Shot Twice In Kings Cross

    he did, he said 'i saw the gun it was a glock 9. . it was awesome.' clearly i left 4 words out thinking you would get that though????
  10. Man Shot Twice In Kings Cross

    haha "i saw the gun . . it was awesome"
  11. Insuring The Datto

    id go with shannons for sure, they will give you the most value for it. GIO woud be my second choice
  12. Mini Tubing 1600

    the only good thing that could come out of it is that you could fit some deeeep rims, and a live rear will help with traction (if you want it that is). cons- you loose the fuel tank and backseat, big floor and suspension mods, engineering . . . . . im not much of a fan of tubbed 1600 sedans. . goodluck eitherway
  13. Sr20de 1200 Sedan

    nice work matt its looking awesome
  14. i know what your saying dude, but from that one photo i can tell you thats not a 15k, 6 month long resto job. i'd be using your photos in your fight.
  15. dont mean to sound like a tool, but i would have been asking questions at this stage . . .