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  1. Sdc Club Trailer

    this is my effort of a trailer.
  2. Clint Nicky Maxamus Stone

    haha what a weekend
  3. Gun16's Ndn09 Photos

    great pics mate. was a great weekend. was even better seeing all you guys againafter so long. was glad i made it out for the couple of days
  4. Ndn09 - How To Get There

    which way are you going to head once you get near qld?
  5. Summernats 22 - Canberra 2009

    a piece of the clutch, as far as i know, came through and collected the guys ankle on its way through. he suffered some lacerations but is doing ok. its good having insiders on the burnout track hehe
  6. Summernats 22 - Canberra 2009

    its actually a supercharged 355 stroker. and yes it is all hers. she was the outgoing mis summernats and is from darwin
  7. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2009

    i'm gonna swing out for a day or 2 to tnationals. its only an hour and a half from me so will def make the trek to se you guys. some of you i havent seen in years
  8. Summernats 22 - Canberra 2009

    was good to see you guys down there. i had a great time down as i do every year
  9. Monday Night Meets.

    you guys should head up to acacia ridge of a friday night, just near the train lines crossing beaudesert road. bit of a car get together. something of a cruise maybe. i dont have my datsun ready as i've had lots of other commitments, but i take the XR8 up there every now and then. the guys in sydney club know all about both cars as i just moved up here from sydney
  10. Stanza diff?

    i think the diffs out of the earlier stanzas are rather ordinary. if you can find a late stanza diff, which is an 8 bolt drop out centre, it is alot stronger. and the centres can be interchanged with bluebird 8 bolt centres. also too, from meory, n12 gazelle? has the same diff, only a little wider, which isnt a huge drama. food for thought