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  1. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    i went out to calder park late last year.. the ute's setup is unchanged, and i improved my pb slightly to 13.7 @ 99mph i had a heap of fun ive built a house recently so thats taking up all my datto time.. but future plans will be to go coilover front end and put her on the track for some fun.. either that or built a track car out of my 1200 sedan if i ever get the time!
  2. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    haha sorry to disappoint
  3. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    hehe yeah its a bit odd. ange is what my family and friends have called me for as long as i can remember. i guess if you say and-rew really slow the first part sounds like ange....... kinda
  4. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    i made the mounts myself trasmission tunnel is from an auto stanza like i said i would have went turbo but i couldnt get an engineer to approve it i chose 12a becuase i thought it would be more than enough for the 1200. 13b has an extra 100cc, so you'll get more torque than the 12a. As far as installing a 13b goes.. only difference is theyre 20mm longer than the 12a.
  5. Datsun 120y 2door sedan

    hey stu thats a nice shot of your car from heathcote hows the Y goin these days? got a stronger gearbox in so you can go racing again?
  6. gb122 - 1200 ute + ca18det

    hey mate keep up the good work on the rebuild! i just watched your vid of your 13.8 sec 1/4mi run. was just wondering if you know what the 60ft time on that run was? also what mph? i did a 1.9 60ft when i ran 13.9 with my ute @ 99mph but yours looks to have launched a lot harder than mine.. what size wheels/tyres on the rear? cheers Andrew
  7. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    yeah had a bit of fun smokin the tyres, the drag day was a poor turnout, so the track marshals were acutally encouraging us to do bigger burnouts instead of rushing us along! i used s2 rx7 rubber engine mounts which are bolted through my chassis rails (using crush tubes) did all the wiring myself which was very basic as my 12a is weber fed (no fuel injection) no problems with engineering passed through first go, although i did consult the engineer throughout the build process so it was all done to his standard when i got there. only problem i guess with engineering is i couldnt find an engineer (im melbourne) who would sign off on a turbo rotary 1200 without chassis strengthening. Hence the n/a setup. good luck with yours if you decide to go ahead with the rotary conversion, and dont hesitate to ask for any advice along the way.. you'll find some pics in this link of when i pulled my ute apart to paint the engine bay and build the bridgeport motor, might help you with some idea's for yours http://www.putfile.com/b120ute/images/28498 cheers Andrew
  8. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    had it out at heathcote again for the nissan/datsun drag day 13.9 @ 99mph 30+ degree heat very happy with the result
  9. NDSOC's annual datsun drag day is at heathcote this year saturday october the 27th. Details are yet to be confirmed but last year it was open to all nissan/datsun cars or nissan powered vehicles (ie vl turbo) generally they put you into categories after the days heat's, then you race for the final with a trophy up for grabs.. lots of fun, plenty of datto's to be seen and you dont have to wait 3 weeks between each run i'll be there..
  10. HEATHCOTE Test'n'tune Sunday August 26th

    ive uploaded the rest of the pics from the day here... http://www.putfile.com/b120ute/images/141033
  11. HEATHCOTE Test'n'tune Sunday August 26th

    i ended up with a 14.1 @ 97mph with a 1.9 60 foot. Was hoping for a 13 before the day was out but i couldnt get a good launch all day. not enough traction with the ute. But im happy about the 97mph not bad for a weber powered machine i reckon! ill be out to crack 13's next time! Adrian managed a high 16 out of his twin webered a12 in his 1200 sedan which i thought was very impressive. there were a couple of other a series 1200's running 17s, a L series 120y running 16's and a couple of otheres there too. a few pics click for full size and a small vid http://media.putfile.com/heathcote-07
  12. cars looking great is that the old PRO18T donk?
  13. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    yeah thats adrians sedan he managed to break into the 16's an awesome effort i reckon for the little 1200 engine!
  14. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    ran the ute at heathcote raceway on sunday ended up with a best of 14.1 @ 97mph with a 1.9 60 footer. was hoping to see 13's before the day was out but didnt get there unfortunately! will be out to crack 13's next time with some bigger/stickier rubber for better launches. had a fun day, and happy that the ute is pushing close to the 100mph mark. not bad for a weber powered machine! some pics, CLICK FOR FULL SIZE a short vid... http://media.putfile.com/heathcote-07
  15. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    s13 brakes completed. Stops well. And it tucked my wheels under the guards just nicely no more rubbage will be running at heathcote on sunday weather permitting. so should be able to get some pics/vids up next week.