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  1. Ebay Junky's??

    times 100 :diablo:
  2. Datsuns On The Street

    also this is a good topic
  3. Datsuns On The Street

    my uncle who,s not that much older than me, is a ford man , and is doing up a nice old XP 2 door, still after twenty years says shit like, can i borrow your engine, as i need a new starter motor for his V8's. no one likes a smart arse.
  4. My Rides Has Her Rego Next Week

    i dont know if its a good or bad thing, i added the cost of my toy so far and has reached 6.8k so far witha long road ahead.
  5. wow got a few cars pics will be good when they come
  6. 1972 180B SSS never-ending project

    i havnt been in it long and definately need too read alot more to understand how the electronic side of fuel works to be able to setup in the future.
  7. 1972 180B SSS never-ending project

    the trigger wheel is that something i have too rig up once i get close too injection
  8. 1972 180B SSS never-ending project

    keep up the good work, as the further you progress, will help my visions http://www.extrudabody.biz/servlet/the-135...%27s-MGB/Detail seen this fuel injection setup dave, i got a price of himm for other things, he makes a plenum or has photos of how he makes the plenums, also he just developed the crank sensor or trigger wheel f0or the l engine.
  9. F%$# Rainy Days....

    the top photo has the 510 wagon, that looks mint
  10. Project Datsun 610-180B Fj20Et

    some good work there, ill have too get you over for a beer when finished, too help with mine. LOL
  11. Sdc Track Day Sunday 9th August 2009

    im hopeing too come hospital on the friday as long as they dont f..k up i should make it, if theres no spots left ,ill spec tate it
  12. My Rides Has Her Rego Next Week

    a few new touches, put in some carpet and put some seat covers on just to tidy the old girl up. got some mirrors cheap from japan look good and there stable. got these wheels cheap so threw them on 17x7 speedy wheels with 40 series tyres.sorry i didnt clean the carpey first
  13. Sdc Dyno Day Sunday 5th July 2009

    spectator only, id love to watch
  14. Penrith To Rydalmere Or Parramatta?

    ive lived in penrith for 40 years born an breed, its a good place, has every thing you need. work at rydelmere you could lock your doors go through mt druitt and jump onto M7 go in that way but it depends on what side of penrith you live. penrith is a very big town. sydneys oards arnt no where near the roads in melbourne.
  15. Penrith To Rydalmere Or Parramatta?

    the arvos for some reason arnt quiet as bad