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  1. Wardy's 1200 Sedan

    Sweet looking car mate! Did you chop the the inner fender out just to fit the turbo? btw, any CA parts you're still looking to offload, like a custom manifold or radiator?
  2. April Fools Day - Who'd You Get?

    That BMW one is a classic Over in WA we had a whale swimming up the river, and a meteorite landing on Cottesloe beach. Heaps of people were wondering around in both locations trying to find them.
  3. Photography

    Yeah I'd probably make the sky a little less bright. It is a little dark. The rest of the photo looks great though.
  4. The racer is for formula SAE. It is powered by a Honda CBR600 engine, with a 20mm restrictor. It features fully independent suspension all round, pneumatic paddle shift (my part of the project) tubular space frame chassis, custom made 3 piece wheels (at about 7.5kg per wheel with an inflated tyre), custom intake and exhaust, custom carbon fibre steering wheel with colour LCD, about 80 odd hp, and weighing in at just under 250kg. Top speed required is around 100km/h, but it gets there pretty quick. Mainly built for corners though, and this type of vehicle should be about the quickest around a tight corner. A great project, but shit loads of work, especially since very few parts are off the shelf items. As for the sedans colour, I was thinking gun metal grey with satin black.
  5. What do ya know... almost a year to the day since this thread has seen activity, and progress has finally been made.... Today I uncovered the sedan from the back corner of the property where it had been lurking since we moved here. Fortunatley not much more rust has appeared, although some of the engine has corroded a bit. After a quick inspection and some more air in the tyres, it was moved to its new home... work should begin again shortly... The past year hasn't been a complete loss though. I've completed my engineering course, during which I helped build this:
  6. What To Do With Old Datsun Parts

    nice one! at least it won't fall over if you bump it... might cause some serious damage if it does fall over though Try a letterbox next? I've seen a nice one out of a crankshaft, however a V16 might be better, give enough height for the mailman to reach :p I can just imagine the postie having to get off his bike to put the mail in if its an a series crankshaft
  7. My New Dj Mix!

    sounds good mate, went thru it about 3 times tonight.
  8. Thanks Baz! We have a water brake dyno at uni to mess around with, although one student was so kind as to do a project on it and make it a *little* more sophisticated... I had a quick skim through that article, and this jumped out at me:
  9. there's more to it than just the numbers too, its the whole area under the curve thing... stock could be the same as after you've worked it, but your midrange torque/power could be waaaay up, kinda like the curve you have there meaning it drives heaps better. There's also different types of dyno's, different time of day/climate, to back when it was first tested in japan, changing the air density as you mentioned. I think its best to see dyno's as a tool, to help tune a car rather than to give an exact figure. The shape of the curve means more than the numbers (except when you're having a brag to ya mates), they're just there to give you a ballpark as to how high up the scale it goes. After all we all know that the amount of horsepower, while it does have a big impact isn't the only thing that helps you win races. tyres/suspension/gearbox ratios etc. etc. have a huge impact as well. Even when it comes to dyno competitions it only works because all the cars are run on the same dyno. Not necessarily. For example, to do 20mph it might only be using 30Nm of the 300Nm available to it. Those equations will probably give you the torque required to travel at a set speed, not the maximum amount of torque that your engine is producing. It is also impossibly hard to model the amount of friction of a gear train under acceleration. The rwhp vs. flywheel hp is important to keep in mind as well. I believe its flywheel hp x 0.75 = rwhp, as well as hp x 0.75 = kW. If you put that together you get approximately flywheel hp x 0.5 = rwkW assuming your figure is rwkW, its about 150hp at the flywheel... which is a 50% increase in power. I hope my logic follows thru, its 1am after all...
  10. New Feature : Live Chat

    I was in there for a few hours the other night when it first got put up... it was kinda funny. Everyone wonders in, makes some comment about there not being many people in there and takes off again.... no shit there's no one in there when you all jump in and out like a bunch of yo-yo's! the odds of there being some one else in there at the same time as you is pretty much nil...
  11. Photography

    cheers mate! one of my fave's, but still annoyed at the blown out sky... might have to play around with it a little more. Here's my mugshot... DOF and lighting came out awesome in this one.
  12. Nissan 350 Sr Micra

    that looks pretty mental! Any build up pics or vids? Micras would be fwd standard right? I remember seeing a mini or something with a big bore motorbike engine in the back..... That would cut down the weight a shite load, still have plenty of power, and sound something like and f1 car, not to mention a near ideal weight distribution. hmmm.... :diablo:

    hey guys, just got a homebrew kit for my birthday. Any suggestions before i get into it? I don't really have a clue, but i guess i could make a start with reading that book i got with it cheers!
  14. Photography

    Here's one i took last week: It actually may prove to do alright for photo of the week yet, I'll post up if it makes it to the final voting stages in the hope at winning some extra votes Also scored a 50mm F/1.8 prime lens for my birthday today! Stoked as!
  15. apparently they have a car/truck of sorts with a 360 degree camera mounted on it. They got the whole of australia done, except for a certain shitty suburb south of perth... I guess they figured no one has internet there :p Our place is a bit out of the way, and surprisingly they did our street too!