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  1. 1977 200B Rb20Det Assembly

    Good stuff mate, looks like its coming together nicely.
  2. Blue Slip

    I would be using PM more often, these are public forums remember.... moderators? any chance of censoring the last two posts?
  3. Datsuns On Google Maps

    Ressurecting an old thread... but there are some good google maps pics out there GrandAuto Wreckers... 1000 wagon, 200b sss and a 510 up high in the back ground.....
  4. Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme If you have a non-standard vehicle, it should be inspected by a NSW Government accredited representative, known as a VSCCS licensed certifier. Vehicles requiring inspection include: Individually constructed vehicles (ICVs) Personally imported vehicles After inspection, if your vehicle complies with legislated vehicle standards, the VSCCS licensed certifier will issue a VSCCS compliance certificate. The licensed certifier will then send the compliance certificate to Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). VSCCS information brochure Modifying vehicles Anyone modifying a vehicle must make sure it complies with legislated vehicle standards. Under the VSCCS there are no changes to NSW vehicle standards. Important note: You should advise your vehicle insurer of any modifications, because if you don’t it may affect your insurance cover. Engineering Certification Scheme (ECS) certificates The VSCCS replaced the Engineering Certification Scheme (ECS) on 19 December 2011. If you have already submitted your ECS certificate to the (former) RTA or RMS it will not be affected by the VSCCS. ECS certificates not yet submitted to RMS should be taken to a motor registry by 19 June 2012. From 20 June 2012, if you have not submitted your ECS certificate you will need to get a VSCCS certificate. More Information To locate a VSCCS licensed certifier, please refer to the VSCCS Bulletin no. 1. As new licences are being issued daily, check this bulletin regularly for updates or call 1300 336 206 Questions? This link provides answers to some common questions about VSCCS.
  5. Datsun Coloured Stuff

    Thought I'd start a thread so people can show how datsun mad they are... I found a few kool datsun coloured things (blue red and white) feel free to post more stuff as you find them! Courtesy of http://www.gyrofish.com.au/wallets/ New Datsun race shoes?? Datsun Valentine/Wedding? mmmm Datsun cupcakes... I'm guessing there would be a lot of American stuff with these colours...
  6. According to the FAQ on the RTA website, the scheme was supposed start the other day (from the 30th Sept 2011) however I don't think this is the case. Also from the FAQ, which you could pretty much hold them to were the following exerts, which you were concerned about Will vehicles modified in the past be affected by the new requirements? Rules will apply from the date the scheme starts. However there will be a six month period from the start of the Regulation where holders of old certificates not previously presented can present them to the RTA so that previously approved modifications will be recognised under VSCCS as approved modifications. After that time, vehicles with modifications for which a certificate has not been presented will need to obtain a new certificate issued under the VSCCS. Where a vehicle has a previously certified modification and undergoes an additional modification, will full VSCCS certification be required? A new certificate will be required for the new modification, but it will not need to cover the old modification if the two are unrelated. Will modified vehicles that have been unregistered for a period of time need a new style VSCCS certificate in order to be reregistered or will the old certificate suffice? Modifications that had been recorded and accepted by the RTA under the Engineering Certification Scheme will continue to be accepted, where the engineering certificate can be produced. If a modification certificate cannot be produced, a new certificate will be required.
  7. The following link is for people that wish to express their interest in becoming a licensed certifier. Everything you really need to know is on the RTA website. http://www.rta.nsw.gov.au/registration/authorisedinspectors/vsccs/index.html
  8. How I interpret the following exerts are: 1) A 6 month transition period will exist, which will allow engineer certificates which have been written but not yet presented. After this six month period, if you still have not presented the engineering certificate, it becomes void and a new certificate under the VSCCS will need to be presented. (no one really gets a certificate done and doesnt register the vehicle, especially after spending 700 or so on a full certificate. So this scenario is just a "what if", and allows a smoother transition) 2) If your car is fully engineered, and registered at the moment, then you decide to modify something else (lets say, bigger wheels or brakes or something), then you will need to get a VSCCS certificate for that new modification only. 3)The third scenario is, if your currently fully engineered datto lapses rego for 3 years , then you go to re-register it. You MUST present the original engineering certificate which covers all your modifications. This old certificate has already been accepted by the RTA and will therefore be accepted again in the future. But if you have lost your certificate, and can not obtain a copy from the engineer which orginally wrote it, then you must obtain a new certificate under the new scheme.
  9. VSB 14 (national standard for vehicle modification) and VSCCS are two different things, keeping in mind that the VSCCS will replace currect Engineering Scheme the RTA uses, and will use the light vehicle code of practice and possibly VSB 14 as Vehicle standards. Best keep an eye out on the RTA website for any gazetted changes. The following information is an extract from the RTA's VSCCS Questions and Answers (February 2011)
  10. Sydney Morning Herald 08/07/2011 http://news.drive.com.au/drive/motor-news/datsun-shock-nissan-could-revive-old-brand-20110708-1h5hw.html
  11. YOU TUBE

  12. I think its Saturday, hopefully, at Stewart Wilkens Address details not sure on times
  13. Wedding Cars Also Need

    200b's arent on the list, but if you want the coupe there id be more than happy to help out.
  14. Buying A Haltech

    I got mine through TweakIt, Jeremy was the guys name I think. There is a store on eBay that sell haltechs for a little cheaper, but only by 10 bucks.
  15. YOU TUBE

    Nice build, what a good tribute for your dad!