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  1. 200b spark problem

    sounds like timing! Did you move the dizzy at all? Did you set your points to the correct gap? Did you mix up the firing order? Are the points located in their dimple properly?
  2. CA conversion WITHOUT a kit!

    Cross member? what cross member? Its a 720, so its full chassied with smal mounts off each chassis rail. The only thing resembling a X member is the F diff mount. Sump wise... Ahhh sideways? Its back mounted but offset to the passenger side to dodge around the diff. I spose it wouldnt be too hard to make something similer up. May still need to modify that pickup tho. Would a L series pickup bolt on?? Or ill cut and braze the old L one on. All my pics tuned out like a big muddy mess of parts... I love mud pits Why would i want to swap over gearbox internals? 720s have a seperate transfur case. Does a L driveshaft slip into a CA box? Prob a different length anyways so i would have to get something made up.
  3. CA conversion WITHOUT a kit!

    Why do i need to reverse the crossmember? Because i cant. Its a 720 ute, full chassied with a R180 under the motor too! Yeh ultimatly i would love to rip out the L18 and sit the CA in but i would like to make it as bolt-in as possible beforehand! Did any modle CA have a flatter sump? Or what are the differences?
  4. CA conversion WITHOUT a kit!

    I have searched all the forums i can and found out that everybody is taking the easy way out and buying a kit! I have discovered a CA18DE cheap that im planning to put in my 720 4WD. Im just sick of the shitbox old L18 thats in it atm! I want EFI!!! What is needed to make a CA fit into a L series engine bay? Where are the engine mounts compared to a L? Can i make brakets? Is it really that hard that EVERYBODY chickens out and buys a pre made kit? I cant see it being too hard! My only real problem will be the sump! may have to make a L/CA hybrid with what i have! Thanks guys!
  5. Whoop ass wednesday 5th sept

    'twas cancilled due to them not getting the track preped in time! That and i blew the diff up in the 1000 the Monday before. Might make a new meet up down there later on. Pitty no-body here showed any interest
  6. Whoop ass wednesday 5th sept

    WAW is back, so lets make it a datto filled one!!! I spose just turn up down there, or if you wanna meet up somewhere organize it amongst yourselves! Ill be leaving straight from work in Subiaco. Prob around the 5pm mark. 5th Sep @ Kwinana Motorplex. All info is on the motorplex's website i would assume! Ill take the little red wagon for a run. I can see me breaking a diff and having it towed home
  7. What do you do for a crust?

    don't change my undies for a week.... get outa the WA section! Or are we better then the NSW blokes Stainless hey... I have mild inlet/exhaust manifold baseplates in the mail. Only need a simple inlet made up! Ill get in contact with ya when i find out what i actualy need!
  8. What do you do for a crust?

    Im a 3rd year apprentice Mechanic at a workshop fanchise in Subiaco (rather not name... even if there are only 2 in Subi) So i kinda know my shit. I work on anything and everything including my Boss's Minis! So i know old and new school stuff. TIG welder hey... Hmm feel like making me a ally inlet manifold
  9. WA Spotto thread!

    Followed "THA 510" today out off woodvale, down cockman Dv and he continued on Erinadale when i turned off at Balcatta Rd. White, very tidy, Mags, race buckets. I think its turbo, i sware i saw a flame out the exhaust... I gave him the thumbs up, i was in the 1000. Seen him a few times there.
  10. WA Spotto thread!

    Spotto time!!! Seen a black with blue checker pattern 180B on Wanneroo Rd headed south from Wanneroo way past coupla mornings. Odd mags, had a bit of a exhaust note. (gonna try to sticky it too!)
  11. couldnt tell you if poobird rads bolt in, Ive only ever mucked around with 1000s and Z's. cant see it being too hard to adapt tho. Or if you get a triple core in your rad you'll be laughing! And no modification needed!
  12. 1977 Datsun 260z

    Gee your really gettin the Z noticed on the Net lately Tom! Good luck with the Dutton!Should be a blast, might come say hello at Wanneroo and convince you to come on the cruise
  13. FORUMS which others are you part of..

    datsun1200.com - great fast moving forum with a ton of info! ozdat - Biggest Perth community in the datto world... still a few on 1200.com tho datnet - Meh i think of it as a less technical, more bullshit version of ozdat with all the same people classiczcars.org - occasionaly, dont have a Z any more tho. fastfours - long time member... forum has turned to shit tho. Thats about it... ive only ever owned dattos. Might look at some 4WD sights now i bought a 4WD 720 bunky! Any recomendations?
  14. Take your radiator to a specialty radiator shop and get it cleaned out or even re-cored. They should tell you how blocked it was. If its not loosing coolant and it getting hot the rad is blocked! Or thermostat is jammed shut. But you should be replacing things like that every engine to cover your ass! Even upgrade your rad, it could be cheaper! It was for me! Get the engine to operating temp, and look everywhere for a coolant leak. If its leaking, fix it! Even if its a tiny weep!
  15. Wiring car from scratch.. Insane??

    1) Nope, no need to earth any starter motor. 2) I would suggest looking at somebody ele's FJ and see what colours do what and refur it back to your FJ wiring diag. 3) Balast resister is only used in some points ignition sytems. Depends on the coil used. Never used in elec ignition.