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  1. rx-510

    yeh nearly evry thing has gone through you a, i know ur rear end will be stronger time will tell i guess a
  2. My 71 1600 Wagon FJ20ET

    thats looks awsome,love the wagons
  3. rx-510

    haha, yeh the cops are gunna love me its hard to see in those piks but the car is actully like a burnt orange colour but in diffrent lights it goas to red pearl bit of pink and a bit of blue. havnt seen the colour on any car before which is good
  4. rx-510

    haha, nah mate not top secret im getting 18inch billet wheels for it ill post some more piks of it tomorrow one of aarons mates spent near 2mnths on it getting the body up to scratch and done a awsome job painting it for me
  5. rx-510

    thanks aaron,hoping itll turn out good just a few more piks
  6. rx-510

  7. datnet act

    ahh got our own section a,sweet pitty we got nothing to talk about.....
  8. rx-510

    nah havnt got those plates just changed my name when the forum changed,im thinking of getting rx-dat plates i have the fj-510 plates on the old corolla.
  9. New Names

    was yld20t now rx-510
  10. rx-510

    hey mate its not the yellow one that had a 12a in it,totally diffrent car rego should be ok as already talkd to the engieer and got a copy of the pre engineers report saying what i am doing to the car and been signd by the engineer so should be ok.
  11. rx-510

    hi thaught it was about time i done a thread about my project car,its been a long process but its starting to speed up now,got the shell back from the painters today. im putting a 13b bridgeport turbo with a 2speed powerglide box in, and am ordering my wheels in the next few days,got recaro front seats with rear seats trimmed to match,all nos bumpers,lights badges,grill eyebrow moulds etc. got all datsport brakes and suspension. got afew autometer gauges for the dash and im shore there is stuff ive missed. aaron fitzpatrick has helpd massivly in finding parts and organising the painting and body work,and engine install,and i am hoping to have it done by summernats,but will have to wait to see how things go i guess. im pritty computer illiterate so dont know how to put pics up, ill try and get them up soon tho cheers mark