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  1. Are many still on Datnet?

    How many of you are still out there? Its a shame this place has become so quiet!
  2. Are many still on Datnet?

    Haha i still have Nick Bebbo on Facebook, might have to ask him to swing by and check into Datnet. I will jump on the Facebook too Jon.
  3. R200 Diff Centre

    I had a Kaaz 2 way in my r200 longnose, in my opinion just get the diff welded up and save $1500. They work really well, but noise and comfort its like a locker. I swapped mine out for a tight factory LSD, spins both wheels on demand and cruises like an open diff.
  4. 1964 Datsun 320 Ute

    Hey guys picked up a new project a couple of months ago from Wagga. Its a 1964 Datsun 320 ute. Its all completely original, with matching engine, even came with original log book and sales receipt from Regent Motors in South Melbourne. Back then the new price was 908 pounds. This particular car was purchased on the 24th of July 1964 after the original owner traded in a 1956 Landrover ute with a stock crate. The little 320 spent its entire life on a farm at Henty NSW and has very little rust considering it has been outdoors almost all its life. I have always liked the 320's and I plan on giving it a restoration to its former glory. The most rust in this thing is in the tray floor which shouldnt be too hard to fix. The body itself is actually quite good with only minor surface rust. The original E1 1200 engine still runs albeit a bit rough. Anyway here are some pictures, i havnt started working on it yet, i am waiting for my new shed to arrive before i start on it. Parts are hard to find so if anyone has any bits laying around i will buy them!
  5. 1964 Datsun 320 Ute

    Bit of an update with the ute, i have been slowly collecting bits and pieces for the brakes and clutch, picked up some original oil filters for it aswell. Still have no shed to start working on it but shouldnt be too much longer.
  6. '71 1600 L Series

    Stocker, not the sticker haha
  7. '71 1600 L Series

    Sticker looks great! A mate of mine owned the the blue one ages ago. Good to see your back in the game!
  8. Flutta- Datsun 1200 Ca18Det Sedan

    what are the plans Glen, looks like a really tidy car and engine conversion!
  9. Datsun 510/1600 Centre Console

    Im looking forward to the finished product too, well done! . I wouldnt mind one of these for my car depending on price.
  10. Stolen 1982 Datsun 1200 Ute

    Looks like a clean car mate what a shame. What engine and mods does it have incase stuff comes up on Ebay or other forums. Is there any unusual engine modifications?
  11. Sdc July Cruise

    I might come to this one. I will be coming from Goulburn so i might meet you at the Robertson Pie Shop.
  12. Car Moving Slightly In Neutral

    Hey guys i pulled the datto out the other day and i noticed that while i was warming it up if i have the gearbox in neutral and release the clutch the revs drop a bit and the car tends to roll forward until i depress the clutch pedal. Seems to do it when its really cold upon first start up. I have searched around the net a bit and some are saying its due to the colder weather here, the gearbox oil is thick or something like this. What do you guys think? Does it seem normal, or have you guys had this issue before? Maybe an adjustment? It only rolls forward really slightly. By the way its an SR with S15 6 speed, solid mass flywheel with 5 puk button clutch.
  13. Car Moving Slightly In Neutral

    Thanks Graeme, seems to be fine once warmed up give it a good run today and there were no issues. Cheers! PS i still have that motor for you if you want it. I will contact you when i am back in sydney next.
  14. New Datsuns To Be Released In 2014!

    The only way they could replicate the smell was to leave an oily rag under the seat or something. A reproduction 510 would be nice, but must be RWD though.
  15. Sr20 Not Running On All Four

    What happened to me the other day is that the coil pack plug had come loose and the number 4 coilpack was not not firing as a result. It was running like a dog on 3 cylinders. All good now though. Might be worth a quick look.
  16. looks like you blokes had a great weekend away.
  17. The Spotto Thread . . . .

    Saw a black 60's model 1600 heading toward Braidwood on the Kings Hwy this afternoon. Clean little 1600.
  18. Blue Slip

    Try Greg at Autosport in Kirrawee. Hes a top bloke.
  19. My New Race Datto 1600 ( Ex P510 )

    I was half entertaining the idea of a putting an L Series back into my 1600. Was just curious about it thats all. I am not sure what i want to do with it lol.
  20. Hey boys/girls, The missus and i are planning a wedding for the 3rd of November 2012 and would love to have 3 other dattos as well as mine as the wedding cars. I know for most of you it will require travelling to Goulburn for the day, but we are willing to discuss fuel, beer, travel, payments/accomodation costs etc for the weekend of the wedding. Would ideally like to have some 1600s and a 1200 sedan prefferably. I will be PMíng a few members but would love to see if anyone else would like to help out. Cheers Matt
  21. Wedding Cars Required

    Cheers Mark, i will take you up on that offer. We need them. I saw the Facebook page too, its a great idea. I will be in touch with you mate.
  22. My New Race Datto 1600 ( Ex P510 )

    Looks good mate. What did Gareth do with his L series? Cant wait to see this going mate.
  23. Hotwheels Datsun 510, 2009

    nice collection shaun. I have a HPI cup racer Datsun 510 that i need to finish off. Is that a cup racer in your collection or another brand rc car?
  24. Fitting A 1600 Rear Suspension In A 1200 Coupe?

    looks great mate, very well done. Very nice 1200 coupe aswell!
  25. Wedding Cars Required

    Hey guys still looking at wedding cars for November down in Goulburn. You will be paid for your time and vehicles! Go the datto