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  1. Kennys 200B Sx Mild Resto'

    Got it back already
  2. Blue Slip

    Yeah I tried Greg.. Hahaha cheers anyway..
  3. Blue Slip

    Yeah I'm at that point.. Put the standard manifold on for the blue slip.. It's just a fresh rebuild though.. Was trying to avoid swapping and changing shit. Haha has a big metal head gasket as well so I don't know how it will go with low comp.. oh well.. Gonna have to I guess.. It's got seat covers.. The guy was just an asshole.. Haha
  4. Blue Slip

    Need help.. Car is in perfect road worthy condition, original motor.. Just has a draw through turbo.. So far it's been failed for a torn seat and 2 diff colored front guards.. Silly I know! Car is a 200b wagon, new tyres, new brakes, all lights work, no rust ect ect.. Anyone know someone that isn't a complete asshole?
  5. Kennys 200B Sx Mild Resto'

    It was a ke70.. And a ba falcon ute jumped out in front of it.. Was a mates car.. Hot little thing it was..
  6. Sdc Summer Cruze - Maybe Long

    Haha.. I don't know what tilt shift is! I'm just playing with instagram on my iPhone dude
  7. Sdc Summer Cruze - Maybe Long

    Tilt shift?
  8. Sdc Summer Cruze - Maybe Long

    Played with some of max's pics
  9. Sdc Summer Cruze - Maybe Long

    You were shooting flames good sir! Nice car mate..
  10. Anth's 1969 Datsun 1600 Fj20et

    Top notch! Congrats anth!
  11. Sdc Summer Cruze - Maybe Long

    Awesome day out, that road! Going down, I wasn't sure of the road but coming back up was just fantastic! What an awesome drive! Throughly enjoyed it! Great spot down there too. Cheers guys
  12. Welcome to datsun life and welcome to datnet!
  13. Hey guys, I can't get the classified section to agree with me.. I'm after a manifold for twin su carbs to go on an a series motor.. If anyone has such manifold they would like to part with, please send it my way