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    Steering Column Lock

    Hey All, I am having some drama's with the steering column lock in my 1200 ute. The actual ignition locking mechanism appears to be working correctly, with the tab that pushes out of the ignition unit into the column itself retracting and engaging as would be expected. Once I remove the ignition lock from the steering column I can see both the spline of the steering column and the bush which sits around this, with the bush having a section cutout for the locking tab to engage with. The bush must be connected to the spline in some manner so that the wheel cannot be turned when the locking pin is in place, however the bush as it is at the moment can freely spin around the spline.... Has anyone else come across this issue and what did you do to fix it... initial thoughts are to MIG weld the bush to the spline (just some small tacks to avoid a heat build up). Thanks in advance, Scott