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  1. Hey Dave trying to send a message but it won't go through? Have you got an email or mobile I can get you on? Cheers Brendan

  2. My 120Y's

    so whats happening with the datsuns at the moment? any updates?
  3. Sdc Club Car Mk2.

    Bet you wish you were in Jon's shoes in the second photo!!! Don’t get jealous now!!!
  4. Sdc Cruise 7/3/10

    is there any ETA on headlands? should be able to make it on my way home.
  5. Her 510 - The Girlfriends 1600

    Nice looking stocker, i think she lives down and around the corner from me. there is another stocker looking one from bulli that was getting rego checks done the other day. next time i see her ill honk aznd wave
  6. who knows... we might even be neighbours....
  7. what did kelvin say about it? has he been to inspect it yet? i think i know who might be the current painter ... he wasnt around back when you had yours done, he wouldnt have left runs like this.
  8. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2009

    race spec wing
  9. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2009

  10. Nissan Datsun Nationals 2009

    Who's a happy camper? Got balls!
  11. Clint Nicky Maxamus Stone

    your just lucky they didnt remind you about your high heels!!!
  12. Ndn09 Sdc Welcome Dinner

    is it going to be like the PI welcome dinner? ie. first in gets a full belly! the rest can suck on it!
  13. Datnat's And A Lift Up There

    jamie has pulled out so not sure how is going that way?
  14. Where To Buy Cams?

    i have used greenline heaps, good prices and takes about two weeks from order to delivery
  15. Datnat's And A Lift Up There

    i told him about it this morning he was planing on going straight up rather then taking the scenic route. give him a call im sure he would take the other way as it is only about an hr or too longer. ill pm you his number. Brendan