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  1. Datsuns On The Street

    Was stopped in traffic one day and it was blocked both directions, going the opposite way was a shelby cobra*drool* the driver not being able to go anywhere seemed to be studying my car and yells out thats a nice car you got there, I sat there wondering if he realised what kind of car he was driving. At the moment its hows the datto going? finished yet? Was in a situation at a massive cruise where all these sick kents in there commonwhores decided to ruin it for everyone and the cops rocked up blocked the exits to the car park and where inspecting cars and handin out defect notices to pretty much every car. Had one cop slowly make his way up the line of cars to my mate and I in his 1600, the guy asked to pop the bonnet and i thought i was in for a long night, the cop goes very nice just wanted to see what engine you have in it, and followed it up by saying ill escort you past the road block and say ive checked your car so you dont get a defect notice.
  2. New GTR

    I got to see the gtr in action down the quarter mile here in perth last nite, it ran a 11.67 with a very average reaction time
  3. Who plays sport on here?

    I play indoor soccer twice a week in a league filled with state players, I play both futsol and rebound as a goalkeeper. Theres not a game that goes by that i dont injure myself, been knocked out cold and had concussion a couple of times even. I also play squash but i suck terribley at it.
  4. New GTR

    Apparently the new gtr was seen on the streets here in perth yesterday, didnt think they were street legal in oz yet?
  5. We had a similar problem over here in WA at Motorvation on the weekend, I was working there all weekend and I was doin my own job plus the security firms job cause they were lazy pricks and didnt do anything, saturday nite we had fights, people doing burnouts all throught the pits, people hot wiring and stealing our golf carts and quads and the security guards sat back and watched it while us track crew dealt with it. Almost got into a biff with a security guard on the first morning cause he wouldnt let me open up the traders alley so the entrants could get there entrants package from the information bay. The general manager ended up tellin da guy to piss off and leave after he saw him startin to push and shove me around.
  6. 510 obsessed or what is back

    double hit, saw these on the amps I was using last nite for the gig i was mixing the sound for.
  7. What have you been done for..

    I got a defect notice for the cap screws holding my steering wheel onto my boss kit being to sharp, I would hurt myself in an accident so mr plod told me mind you that wasnt all the defect notice was for, ie no permits for dual carbies and a back end that was to low because I had a spare gearbox in the boot that I had just picked up.
  8. Front and Rear Fender Flares

    You wont find anything for the rear at all here in WA, dont know about over east. As for the fronts well i dont know of just flares but whole glass panels that have the flares moulded into them. If you want fibreglass fronts they have round a 50mm flare, speak to the guys at AGI parts in morley(?) they are on collier road just as you turn off tonkin hwy
  9. AWD 1600 in the build

    I never said it wasnt modified or road legal. A guy on SR20transplants forum is already doing it have a look at this: http://www.flickr.com/photos/14531931@N04/
  10. AWD 1600 in the build

    On the note of AWD 1600's it is to my knowledge that there is possibley one here in WA minus the motor, was built by Ant Scalia. And apparently he is/was trying to sell it its completely ready to drop a r32 gtr skyline package in it . Dont know how true this is or not. But I do know he had/has one of the angriest 1600's I know of in australia, 450hp baby
  11. Mechanical Aptitude Test

    90% for me not bad for some one who deals with gears and electrical circuits and the like all day long
  12. New GTR

    http://www.wheelsmag.com.au/News/NISSAN+-+UPDATED.html Was in the shops yesterday and noticed the Wheels car mag has a cover story on the new gtr which is powered by the VR38DETT, Enjoy. Steve
  13. L20b gearbox x-member

    Just curious does anyone know if a L20b standard 5 speed box rear x-member out of a bluebird will fit up to an RB20 box in an r31 skyline? Cheers Steve
  14. New GTR

    highly doubt that. although i recall reading a while ago that there were several designs for this car that were dropped and maybe they sold a similar to renault? Thats what I thought aswell but my friend was quite adament that it was being released as a renault in europe.