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  1. My New Race Datto 1600 ( Ex P510 )

    congrats mate,awesome buy
  2. Panel Beater Needed ?

    Ricky also did the body work on mine,did a real good job
  3. Exhaust Noise..

    yeh i put a steel plate with the holes in it at the bottom of my dump pipe and it didnt work,it ruined my turbo,the turbo got so hot it burnt the rear seals
  4. Exhaust Noise..

  5. Exhaust Noise..

    hi everyone,a while back i got done by the epa for a few things.I have sorted out everything except for the noise issue.It was measured at 114db at 4500rpm and i need to get it to 96db or lower,anybody have any ideas how i can acheive this?its an fj20 if that helps.
  6. Turbo Rebuild

    hi guys,does anybody have an idea of how much a full rebuild of a turbo is?The turbo is a gt30/40.Thanks Chris
  7. Loud Exhaust............

    Car has to be cleared at an rta compound,spewin......
  8. Loud Exhaust............

    hi everyone,last nite i got done by the EPA and rta inspectors,exhaust to loud,and a few other things.My exhaust was measured at 114db at 4500rpm,i need to get it down to 96db,any ideas on how i can get it down?And they defected me for having a front mount,i didnt know that you could get defected for a front mount........
  9. Rear Camber Problem......

    Hi everyone,i recently broke a rear axel shaft.Got a new shaft ,fitted it in and when i put the car back on the ground the rear wheel has no camber,anyone have any ideas on what would be stopping it get camber? Thanks Chris..
  10. Sdc Cruise 7/3/10

    im in for this one,looks like a good run.
  11. Fj20 Coolant?

    thanks mate
  12. Fj20 Coolant?

    hi guys,just wondering what coolant you guys are using in your fj's.Thanks
  13. Turbo Bags?

    Thanks guys,i might give the bag a go and see how it goes.
  14. Whats everybodys thoughts on using a turbo bag/beanie on a roller bearing turbo?i have heard that they ruin the bearings because they cant cool down when you turn the car off.