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  1. Currently have a r200 LSD, looking at getting a 1 way or 1.5 centre! I drive the car mostly on street a bit of track stuff. Any recommendations and where to start looking
  2. dat1184

    Custom CV's For R200/R180

    Hey Max can you elaborate on the above post? Just wondering what your experience was with the Wolf Creek cv's? Doesn't sound like you're a fan. I only ask because I have them too and I think they're pretty good, easy to install and haven't given me an issue in over a year. Just wondering if there's anything I should look out for? The only negative thing I can think of is that there seems to be a bit of slack in them, but I don't have a high-power car nor have I ever been to the track so I haven't really put them to the test yet, so to speak. Hey anth, I can put a video up but if i do im sure it will sway ppl away from buying wolf creek and i just could be unlucky and got a bad set. " The only negative thing I can think of is that there seems to be a bit of slack in them" is an understatement. After quite a few emails and video's Todd has said there could be a problem with them. So after having them out 3-4 times since i have purchased them im sick of it. And now so Todd can see if there is really anything wrong with them i have to take them back out agian ( could not be %#@!ed atm ) and then i have to pay the return postage to WC ( $$$ ) and let him decide the next step. Postage may not be refunded yet to decide. I under stand he has a business to run and some how i maybe have just been unlucky- never the less if i had just gone custom one's or bought in Syd or Aus this would not be happening. Moral of the story is keep our money in this country. Get custom one's and if you have any probs drive back to where you purchased them up from and make them fix it. 510 - FARK YEAH
  3. dat1184

    Summernats 23 , 2010

    Yeh ill be down there ! hopefully see some good dato burnouts!!!
  4. Nah mate thats all cool. Im not usually a big fan either , it was pretty much free so i thought why not!!
  5. The 1600 with the aussie flag was mine. And not from the shire close , st george area. My mate does the air brushing . I will put some pics up soon !