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  1. Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    Looks awesome Eric cant wait to see it completed
  2. Upcoming Sdc Events

    Hi Blayne, Thanks for the invite, I would certainly be interested and will raise at next club meeting. Post up some more info on your Datsun too! Cheers Chris
  3. Sounds good shawno hope to make it
  4. 1968 Ca18Det 510

    Cool, looking forward to what you come up with the brembos should be nice
  5. Anth's 1969 Datsun 1600 Fj20et

    Nice job there! There is a limit on the number of images in one post, you need to split it up into multiple posts
  6. SR-1600

    So you had the same idle issues? I would like to change to motec or autronic and add a flex fuel sensor to go E85 as next step so not overly concerned at this stage.
  7. SR-1600

    Oil cooler install with ducting: Some photos of the final setup: Having a slight issue with the Z32 AFM - turbulence causing high airflow reading when dropping back to idle. This makes it too rich and wants to stall etc until the idle stabilises. With the minimum space available it is hard to maintain laminar flow through the AFM at very low flow levels. Will have to muck around a bit and see whether I can improve that. Got it tuned last night and very pleased with the results. The objective here was to make more power with the best possible repsonse (lowest boost threshold). All the effort has paid off with a healthy 276 rwkw and a very fat power curve. making 20psi boost at only 3000rpm and 25psi at 3400rpm dropping back to about 23 psi at max power Here is a scan of the dyno curve: Complete engine specs are now: S13 SR20DET Tomei 256 Poncams GT3071R 0.78 split pulse rear housing Twin Tial 48mm gates Nismo 740cc injectors Z32 AFM Blitz EBC-II Moroso Winged Sump Oil Cooler The rest is stock I ran it on the dyno first with stock cams and then again with poncams - made about 40kw improvement. Next stage at some point in the future will be Motec and Flex fuel so no need for AFM :-) but this setup will do for now.
  8. SR-1600

    New manifold to support GT3071
  9. SR-1600

    Have clocked up 100,000 kms as daily driver since conversion with no real issues. More upgrades have been: A set of old school Recaros have been fitted CV shafts from SWR and also Z32 brakes on the front. Here are some shots of stereo install: You can see Audison LRx4.1k amp, Morel Ultimo 12" Sub and also the crossovers for the Hertz MLK 165 splits in the front. The andersen plug is so that the sub box can be removed for track days to save about 30kg I made a new board from plywood (standard one is too flimsy) and riveted the standard plastic fuel tank cover panel to it. And here are a couple from last datnats:
  10. Nice box man! Would love one of those in my car, but it would double its value lol
  11. Cool cant wait to see it out on the track!
  12. Will be in the motherland (Japan) so wont be able to make this one... should be a good trip though, enjoy!
  13. Datsun 510/1600 Centre Console

    Autometer gauges are 2 1/16" so you may want to enlarge the holes slightly? http://www.autometer.com/download_instruction/Specs%20sectn%2009.pdf
  14. Sr20Det 1600 Clutch Decision

    Keith from KB Clutch is the man....