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  1. Autobarn Bbq 07/11/08

    last night went quite well for the club we sold all 10 kg of snags and 4 kg onions we made 346.80 plus we still have 96 cans of coke etc left for next bbq which all expenses are already covered not bad for 4 hours a huge thanks to those that could make it derek ,bryan,garry,glenn,todd,adam,jamie,bill sorry if i missed anyone and a huge thanks to glenn and leesa at autobarn macgregor for allowing us to run the bbq there again and there contribution thanks buzz
  2. Autobarn Bbq 07/11/08

    yeah sorry guys about the address. its usually the longer serving members that help out. and they know where it is . but will bring it up at monday night meet anyway. just a chance for the club to raise more money for the club. and get the club name out there to more people. cheers guys buzz
  3. Autobarn Bbq 07/11/08

    hi guys spoke to glenn tonight and on the 7th of november autobarn is having a sound of. glenn asked me if we would like to run the bbq again same deal as before drinks snags etc start about 5.30 he has 30 cars entered we will be on side deck near where all the cars are parked will also have sale on stereo gear he is hoping we can start cooking so by 6 when they get there food will be ready goes through till about 9-9.30 ish the red bull girls will be there giving out some drinks but we still should sell a few as well help needed i can get the snags bread etc drinks and help cook not working that night any body else would be great cheers buzz
  4. as 256fqq said try mick has good reputation