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  1. CAstanza

    Chasis Twist

  2. CAstanza

    Ca Stanza

    and i cant believe u remember that lol..
  3. CAstanza

    Ca Stanza

    how would i find my old build thread ?? i would love to find that hey !!
  4. CAstanza

    Ca Stanza

    yeah mate
  5. CAstanza

    Flutta- Datsun 1200 Ca18Det Sedan

    hey whats the go with no afm ?? tell me more
  6. CAstanza

    Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    yeah lucky bugger !! wanna make me a dash like ur's lol ? u fitting a silvia dash in it ??
  7. CAstanza

    Ca Stanza

    yeah had to mess around with the headlight's a little so the cooler squeezed in.. if ya want i can take some more details pic's of how the piping is done if thats any help.. and yeah stoked i can drive it again just need's a good tune and some boost.. cheers hey !!
  8. CAstanza

    Ca Stanza

    a couple pics of my stanza.. had it on the road a few year's back .. blew the head gasket and it sat in mum n dad's garage till i got around to fixing it .. not time to get it back on the road and work the shit outa it now it's all fixed up.. hope this work's ... cheers
  9. CAstanza

    Datsun Stanza Ride Hieght Need Help

    oh okay .. thanks for your help baz .. hope transport are good to me
  10. CAstanza

    Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    awesome !! im a little shattered i passed up buying a 2 door stanza when i was running around in mine as standard.. cant wait to see more pic's and vid's love to see the interior choice's hey !!!
  11. CAstanza

    Datsun Stanza Ride Hieght Need Help

    i need the standard stanza ride height for a mod plate.. my stanza's gone out of rego and now to get it over the pits i need to mod plate the car..
  12. hey i need to find out the standard stanza ride hieght with 13's on it.. i have 17's on mine atm and cant work out a proper measurement. need the measurement from centre of wheel to the lip on the wheel arch anyhelp would be awesome !!! cheers chris
  13. CAstanza

    Stanza Hatch Slow Go Project

    hey need some more updates