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  1. Datsun 1500 (620) Ute

    they come up fantastic........something like this with a chevy back end would look great, big tub wheel arches with 15x10 rubber........ :yahoo:
  2. Wake Up Jeff!

    GGG whats happing with this forum, use to be the place where it all happen, all so quiet now more rides more chit chat...............SO WAKE UP JEFF
  3. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    THANKS ANDREW thanks for the great pic's..... gave me abit of a insight on what im up against.... the mounts are they prefab or you knot them up your self... With your gearbox well, did you refab to fit the box? Pretty inpressed with your ute, is there a problem within putting a turbo rotary straight up what made you just put in a 12A....WHY not a 13B is there a shit loads of headache going there
  4. My 1200 Ute

    hey hows the CA18 coming along ..........all done
  5. Datsun 1200 Ute. 12a Rotary.

    having fun there..... (smoking) hey with the engine mounting did you bolt or welded to the chassis?? the wiring did you do your self or auto lectie, seen a few 1200 rotarys fly by me over the years never had the chance in chasing them down to ask...... :arrow looking at rotarying my 1200 ute aswell, any prob's with engineering any help in this would be great, sorry for the question.
  6. 1972 180B SSS never-ending project

    Yes i think alot of people wouldnt evern look twice at touching it its a credit to ya , good on ya
  7. Datsun 200B - owned since I was 14

    Gotta love the white writing on the tyres GREEN IS NICE
  8. Datsun 200B Projects

    Good to see a fello man into the same car as me thanks for the info on the mount.... Im think with the wiring up the SR plant and getting sumone close to me BUT mite cost me in abit of traveling... as dubbo been the closes joint for me, I was looking at VZ plant, like i said WAS Qustion with the speedo is or would there be a adapter or a special one made what part of the world your from cheers rod.
  9. Datsun 200B Projects

    Belive me i've been looking my mate in parkes, his buddy imports h/cut, BUT he wont just import one just for me, has to be container load, thats ok il wait
  10. Datsun 200B Projects

    hummm thinking been a datsun forum that there be endless places that you guys would no where abouts to find such a thing, ...... NOT just the yellow pages im thinking:shock: There is heaps of them! with all different pricing and availability. Google or yellow pages and start hunting, as we all have done previously. SSS Automotive, Ichiban are a small start. CHEEERS ...............and thanku
  11. Datsun 200B Projects

    hummm thinking been a datsun forum that there be endless places that you guys would no where abouts to find such a thing, ...... NOT just the yellow pages im thinking:shock:
  12. Datsun 200B Projects

  13. Datsun 200B Projects

    X- trail ok OK good on ya cheeers
  14. VG30dett powered 510

    Hows the VG30 coming along....fitted it yet... how would you go weight factor , could you see any problems with Engineers or RTA:)
  15. Datsun 200B Projects

    are they right across the range of the 180-200sx silva, australia models or imports.... sounds ok are there h/cut available from jap imports wreckers!!! any contacts you mite have be good